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Celebrities Who Flaunt Sustainable Fashion Moments

Celebrities Who Flaunt Sustainable Fashion Moments

Our favorite stars of today bring sustainable fashion moments everywhere. May it be in the streets, at the red-carpet events, or just for the ‘gram. They continue to prove that you can look fashion forward and at the same time, be environmentally conscious.

In the year 2022 and most especially in the future, environmentalists strongly urge the public to reduce ecological footprints. One of the top contributors to these negative footprints is the Fashion Industry. Also, studies say that 10% of human carbon emissions come from the creation of clothing, which also depletes water supplies and pollutes rivers and streams.

As a response to this urgent call for action, clothing brands and fashion houses take matters into their own hands. From utilizing sustainable materials, and upcycling, to aiming for zero carbon emission and minimizing waste. They now continue to champion ethical fashion initiatives or what we call: greener fashion. And now, not only these brands practice and advocate for sustainable fashion moments but also our well-loved celebrities. These celebs as influencers and bellwethers, get on board with sustainable fashion too, and we are here for it!

We rounded up these celebrities who prove that you can score great fashion moments while championing sustainability.

Emma Watson

The first one on our list to serve Sustainable Fashion Moment, is none other than the wizard we all love!

Photo Courtesy of REX FEATURES

In 2016 at the MET Gala, Watson sports a custom-made gown by Calvin Klein and Eco Age. This dress made out of literal garbage makes the whole story and character of the look transfixing. The ensemble was crafted from three different fabrics, woven from yarns made out of plastic bottles.

The actress/activist lands on the top spot as one of those influential personalities advocating for sustainability. Not only does she wear clothing brands that practice sustainability but she also collaborated with brands. Creating pieces and ensembles advocating ethical fashion practices.

Kim Kardashian

Second on our list, is Kim Kardashian whose look is one of the most controversial red-carpet moments of the year.

Despite the socialite stirring controversy for this look. She takes an environmentally conscious route for this memorable night. Kim K stuns in a bodycon nude-illusion gown adorned with hand-sewn crystals made by Bob Mackie. The KKW beauty owner donned this dress worn originally by Marilyn Monroe in 1962.

Kim proves that no matter how glitzy and grandiose an event is, You can always rock it with a second-hand ensemble. You can’t deny that she looks iconic in her sustainable fashion moment.

Bea Alonzo

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Beaalonzo and Shaira Luna

Moreover, the third on our list is Bea Alonzo. She made an appearance at the GMA Thanksgiving Gala, in her DIOR vintage black dress by John Galliano. Who would’ve thought a dress from the 1998 collection would be revived for the 2022 red-carpet event?

Bella Hadid

The supermodel of the generation knows no limits in serving iconic fashion moments to die for! Bella’s known for having a soft spot for Vintage pieces. From rocking archival pieces to recycled clothing — She’s no stranger to eco-conscious fashion.

Bella donned a vintage black dress from DIOR by Yves Saint Laurent. However, despite the dress’ 63-year-old existence, The model flaunts it with her contemporary elegance and beauty.

Emma Stone

Furthermore, another remarkable sartorial revival on the red carpet is Emma Stone. Emma wore one of her wedding outfits from 2020 to the Met Gala 2022. The star still looks impeccable despite wearing the dress for the 2nd time. She stuns in her Louis Vuitton mini dress with sheer straps and feathered hem.

Billie Eilish

The co-chair of the MET GALA rocks custom-made Gucci made from upcycled materials for her Gilded Glamour moment on the red carpet.

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The singer not only flaunts Sustainable Fashion Moment but she also does efforts to advocate for ethical fashion practices. Particularly, Eilish takes part in Nike’s project: launching leather-free versions of both the Air Force 1s and the Air Jordans.

Nadine Lustre

In addition to Bea, another Filipina celebrity championing sustainable fashion is our President Nadine! For her Absolute Madness digital spectacle, Lustre ascended in an all-white deconstructed number. She wore this look for her save a place, complicated love, and grey skies performance

The ensemble was created by local designer XYQD PH made out of 10 different secondhand garments that were reworked; turned into Nadine’s sustainable fashion moment at her show.

Ariana Grande

Ultimately, Ariana Grande recently posted a viral fashion moment on her Instagram. She wears a Prada skirt from the Spring 2008 collection, making her a stylish angel for sustainability fashion. Indeed, the angel wears a sustainable Prada!

Today, we can see these stars strutting and flaunting iconic looks everywhere, but it tells us a message and a call for action to become more aware and conscious of the serious environmental consequences of our clothes as a waste. We hope to see these sustainable fashion moments not just as an ephemeral trend but as a FUTURE OF FASHION!

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