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Michael Cinco’s Grand NYFW Debut

Michael Cinco’s Grand NYFW Debut

Rich, decadent, and expensive. These are just some of the words people often use when talking about Michael Cinco’s fashion lexicon and the intricate works that are birthed from it. “They look expensive simply because they are,” the Dubai-based Filipino designer once said regarding his clothes. Well, his grand debut for New York Fashion Week is simply that, plus more—all wonderfully lensed and captured by Dion Trinidad.

Known for the intricacy and detailing of his designs, Cinco continues to share his mastery of the two with both womenswear and menswear in his debut collection for New York Fashion Week. 

A Trip Under The Sea 

Cinco began his show with a splash—quite literally in some cases. Fantastical dresses and gowns that looked straight out of Atlantis were embellished with sparkling jewels (courtesy of Charlie Lapson) that gleamed so beautifully on the runway. Also, an embroidered men’s robe coat consisting of primarily turquoise, green, and scarlet stones appeared almost as a fine, luxurious vase turned into a strikingly captivating look on the runway. 

Since we’re on the topic of robes, twin brothers Kiernan & Deven Fagan wore simpler but more voluminous iterations in sky blue. The said pieces flowed so gently like calm ocean waves during summertime. Quite fitting since the collection is for this Spring-Summer season!

Laced and Loaded 

Stellar lace work—another of Cinco’s fashion prowess—was also evident in the collection. Seen most notably in his baby blue dresses, the pieces truly exemplified the designer’s romanticism. This continued in one of his belted dresses in black, possessing the same intricate lace work. But for this one, it is now mixed with stunning flower embroidery. 

A Razor-sharp kind of Simplicity

Cinco has always been known for the abundance of extravagance in his collections. But he can also do clothes with abundant simplicity, while still keeping that surplus of craftsmanship. Single and double-breasted suits and coats in various colors were ultra-precise in their cut. A strategic trade-off for Cinco’s signature embellishments and embroideries that paid off. 

The Filipino designer also used his simplistic touch in prints of blooming flowers. Princess gowns and dainty dresses were covered in it. A fine presentation of Cinco’s love for femininity and beauty.

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An Extravagant Finale

If you ask anybody what’s one thing that should always be in your wardrobe, most of them would probably say a black dress. Well for Cinco’s final fashion tableau, he elevated the black dress into a handful of purely glamorous reinventions. Fine jeweled embroideries in dresses, gowns, capes, and even gloves were so sharply-placed.

It was all rich and bountiful. But with it, the pieces still had that special, overall coherence that only a master like Cinco could execute.

Michael Cinco’s debut collection for New York Fashion Week was truly an extravagantly gorgeous and precise display of Filipino fashion and all its beautiful intricacies. Bravo to the master!

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