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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Rosa Diaz changed her outfit?!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Rosa Diaz changed her outfit?!

Here’s another list that will make you miss the entire Brooklyn Nine-Nine squad. While we may not know much about the enigmatic and fearless Rosa Diaz, one thing is certain. She definitely loves black, or darker colors of red. Despite its seemingly repetitive nature, she possesses a remarkable talent for styling and making it uniquely her own. This leads us to wonder, on numerous occasions, when she will grace us with a change in her wardrobe.

In fact, she has indeed altered her attire, albeit discernible only to the most observant of fans who possess an eagle eye for detail. The notion of seeing Rosa in any other color may appear trivial, yet it serves as one of the many reasons why Brooklyn Nine-Nine deserves constant revisiting. Whether it be for a crucial mission or a special occasion, witnessing her deviate from her usual persona is a delightful deviation. Without further ado, let’s explore five instances where our beloved Rosa dares to venture beyond her signature black attire!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Rosa Diaz changed her outfit?!

The Bahamas

This Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode focused more on Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago as they join forces to outsmart their nemesis, the Vulture. Their mission entails examining a hotel that has fallen victim to a string of room thefts. However, during the stakeout, Santiago being offered a transfer to Major Crimes demoralized Peralta. This revelation deeply affects him, highlighting the growing fondness he has developed for Santiago. Simultaneously, this episode offers insights into why the Vulture has become one of the most exasperating characters in the series.

Nevertheless, nestled within this episode lies a rare occurrence—an instance where we witness Rosa donning attire that deviates from her customary black wardrobe. To be precise, she adorns a vibrant red floral polo shirt and pairs it with khaki-colored pants, mirroring Terry’s summery ensemble. This wardrobe choice is an essential part of the sting operation they orchestrate to apprehend a deadbeat. The comedic twist lies in the fact that the delinquent mistakenly believes he has genuinely won a Bahamas cruise. Although brief, this moment often eludes the memory of most viewers.

Jamaican Party!

Another episode where Rosa doesn’t receive enough screen time. The episode centers around Jake’s assistance to Terry, who plans to undergo a vasectomy. They embark on a series of comical misadventures in their quest to support Terry through the surgical process. Despite harboring mixed emotions, Terry chooses not to be entirely forthcoming about his reservations. However, true to Jake’s nature, he becomes a trusted ally for Terry along the way.
Rosa’s presence in this episode is fleeting, with only brief appearances. Charles Boyle, on the other hand, finds himself in a predicament as he scrambles to secure a date for his ex-wife’s engagement party. Naturally, he turns to Rosa first, seeking her company for the event. This encounter marks a pivotal moment in their growing friendship.

However, as we are well aware, Rosa has an aversion to such gatherings, particularly fun-filled events such as Jamaican-themed ones. In a delightful twist, she changed her mind and even coordinated her outfit with Boyle’s attire. Our jaws drop as we see her donning a vibrant green dress and a pink flower on her head, perfectly aligned with the Jamaican theme. This kind of gesture shows her genuine willingness to go the extra mile to support her friends.

Disco Fever

Let’s look into an episode that showcased a significant amount of screen time for Rosa! The notorious Madeline Wuntch playfully taunts Captain Holt over the precinct’s perceived lack of results, even with a dedicated drug task force in place. Fuelled by Wuntch’s teasing, Captain Holt assigns Terry and Rosa to spearhead a probe into a silent disco, where there are suspicions of Giggle Pig usage among attendees. This comedic episode sheds light on Captain Holt’s unwavering competitiveness whenever Wuntch puts him to the test.

However, what truly steals the spotlight in this episode is one of the most endearing Rosa getups to date! Going full undercover work at the silent disco, Terry and Rosa find themselves compelled to don disco-inspired attire. True to form, Terry adorns colors that accentuate his physique. Meanwhile, Rosa showcases an adorably stylish ensemble featuring a violet bonnet, a vibrant yellow zipper jacket, pink specs, and pink headphones for a youthful, playful touch. Although the scene is concise, it offers a treat for dedicated Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, with Rosa not only sporting charming attire but also a very rare smile! It’s almost as if the episode serves as a fan service to delight early B99 enthusiasts!

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Thanksgiving Day

In this Thanksgiving-themed episode, the focus primarily revolves around Jake and Amy, with Rosa making a noteworthy appearance. They embark on the ambitious task of arranging a dinner where their families can meet, hoping for a smooth gathering at Jake’s mother’s house. Meanwhile, Holt and Kevin introduce a pie that they plan to bring to Kevin’s family, only to discover it mysteriously disappears. Kevin suspects Rosa, Boyle, and Terry of devouring the pie. Consequently, Captain Holt interrogates the trio, expecting their answers to be anything but what he actually receives.

Among the unexpected responses, Rosa’s stands out as the most intriguing. Rather than confessing to any involvement in the cake incident, she unexpectedly pours her heart out in the scene. She reveals that she will not be spending Thanksgiving alone; instead, she plans to watch the Minions musical on Broadway, complete with specially packed t-shirts for her entire family. To everyone’s surprise, she even sports one of these shirts hidden beneath her jacket. Reflecting on previous seasons, it becomes evident that Rosa strongly disliked spending the holiday with her seemingly exuberant family. However, after her transformative experience in prison during the initial episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 5, she admits to missing her family. As the season progresses, we witness her gradual evolution into a softer, more honest, and more affectionate individual.

Rosa wears pink!

This one’s a cold opening, but it might be her most unmistakable wardrobe change in the whole series. She arrives at work sporting a strikingly vibrant pink polo shirt, causing a collective wave of astonishment and amusement among her colleagues. The squad seizes the opportunity to poke fun at Boyle, jokingly suggesting that he resembles a fusion of a My Little Pony and a gun-wielding detective.

It’s undeniably refreshing to witness Rosa donning something so brightly colored, considering her penchant for dark hues. However, it seems that the color pink has a special place in her life as well. Her ballet teacher once mentioned that she had pink strands in her hair during her younger years, adding an intriguing layer to her connection with the color. Moreover, the name “Rosa” itself translates to “pink” in both Italian and Spanish, so in hindsight, perhaps we should not be too surprised by her affinity for the color. Rosa unquestionably embraces and owns the vibrant shade, offering a delightful departure from her usual style. Apologies, Terry, but it seems Rosa has claimed the color as her own!

Rosa, our eternal fashion icon, always rocks her signature dark attire. However, catching a glimpse of her in something other than her usual dark color palette is a refreshing change within the squad!

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