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BMW Vision Next 100 Impresses as the Brand’s Shape-Shifting Vehicles

BMW Vision Next 100 Impresses as the Brand’s Shape-Shifting Vehicles

Famed German automaker BMW celebrated its 100-year anniversary with BMW Vision Next 100. It showed a car and motorcycle that changes their shape while driving.

BMW called the four-wheeled concept vehicle BMW Vision Next 100. On the other hand, it named the motorcycle the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100. The two sophisticated vehicles adjust their form whenever you turn corners or hit the brakes. In turn, this allows you to control them more smoothly than other vehicles.

BMW Vision Next 100 vehicles

What’s exciting is how the BMW Vision Next 100 car adapts to you and the road. It accomplishes this with the help of artificial intelligence and a shape-shifting frame. It sets itself apart from conventional vehicles as the German car manufacturer created it from a single material.

The Vision Next’s chrome exterior bends and creases to ensure aerodynamics throughout your trip. Just envision that when you turn right, the frame near the front wheels would bend accordingly.

Because of this, the BMW concept vehicle reduces air resistance, maintaining optimal speed and handling. Even better, the car activates this feature automatically, thanks to Alive Geometry.

It refers to the mosaic of sensor-activated triangles on top of the car’s dashboard. These tiny pieces gather environmental data so that the car can shift the vehicle’s shape while driving. 

In addition, the BMW Vision Next 100 communicates with other electric vehicles and traffic systems. This aims to alert you to potential dangers before you can see them.

It projects that information on the windshield via a heads-up display. For example, it could highlight oncoming traffic obscured by terrain so that you can steer accordingly.

BMW points out that there are two types of drivers—those who want a casual trip and those who want a thrilling speedy ride.

Well, the BMW Vision Next 100 provides an answer for that as it has two driving modes: Ease and Boost. The Ease Mode enables self-driving capabilities so that you can do something else while cruising.

Meanwhile, the Boost mode overlays driving lines, braking, steering, and acceleration points on your windshield to help you maneuver at high speeds.

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

The BMW Vision Next 100 also features a concept motorcycle that removes the need for helmets. Rather, riders must wear augmented reality glasses. The renowned manufacturer promoted the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 on a short YouTube video. Here, you will see a woman starting her day by riding the bike.

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Starting the vehicle, the motor block protrudes to balance the vehicle and protect her from dust. Subsequently, the lady selects a destination on the Motorrad’s holographic display.

She wears the AR glasses, and it lets her see what path to take. The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 boasts self-balancing technology so that it doesn’t need a leg for parking.

The clip ends with the woman parking the Motorrad at her home so that she can spend time with her family. What gags most people is how her biker outfit is part of the vehicle!

According to the BMW blog, the jacket has a “flexible band structure” that ensures comfort no matter the driving situation. In addition, it vibrates when you turn or tilt the vehicle to further improve your control of the bike. 

Therefore, BMW claims “a safety function of the rider clothing is not required due to the intelligent assistance systems.”

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