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Bare walls? Make them lively with simple solutions!

Bare walls? Make them lively with simple solutions!

Do you ever wonder if your walls are a little too bare? You’ve probably thought that having nothing up on them makes the room a little bit cleaner. Or, maybe following a theme is just too much work. Walls are obviously a big part of the room. However, you don’t necessarily have to decorate all of them from the top to the bottom. There are some simple things you can do to make your walls livelier.

Bare walls? Make them lively with simple solutions!

There’s nothing more wholesome and fun than having precious moments up on your walls. You can have photographs of your family, friends, your pets, the places you went to, or the ones you would like to go to. People may say that it can be a little too cliché. However, if it makes the room a little livelier and you a lot happier, why not consider those photos? Wouldn’t you want to be reminded of the good days?

Sheets on your walls

It may seem random to have a sheet or two tacked on the walls but hear us out. They could be a splash of color on your bare walls. A patch of pattern can be as simple as an artwork. Oh, you can hang up your pride flag too!

Light it up!

You can’t see much when you are in a dimmer or darker setting. It may feel a little bit too eerie and your walls might seem suffocating. However, that can change because those little fairy lights can accompany you. It can always help you achieve that aesthetic level for your room. Plus, it would be easier to take beautiful photos with all the lights on the walls surrounding you.

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Bulletins and interests

You can hang up a board and pin your schedules, to-do lists, that movie ticket from last week, and a couple of printed-out copies of your favorite films or artists. There are affordable posters that you can purchase online such as Shopee. You could even customize it according to your interests or taste. You might not be following a theme for your room but at least, you’re surrounded by what you love. 

You could go for a minimalist style, a cluttered but artistic one, a colorful one, and many more. It’s very much up to you how you want your walls to look. At the end of the day, what matters is your comfort. Being surrounded by the things that are to your taste helps you feel more at home.

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