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What You Should Know About Tiny House Living

What You Should Know About Tiny House Living


Have you ever considered going tiny? As in, moving into a space that is less than one-sixth the size of an average house.

The tiny house movement is quite unique in the Philippines because almost everyone is all about big and grand space when it comes to their home.

But if you’re curious about tiny living, here’s what you can expect, and perhaps you’ll consider going tiny soon!

In Photo: Jono and Eva’s Tiny House

Less Clutter

Living in a tiny house means having less clutter around the house.

When you have a small and limited space, there is no room for unnecessary items that will further reduce the space.

That is to say, you will have to get used to a minimalistic way of living. In the words of ‘Marie Kondo,’ only keep the things that spark joy.

Improved Life Quality

What You Should Know About Tiny House Living

When you have fewer things to worry about inside your home, you have more time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

And when you don’t have to spend so much time maintaining your home, you can go for more walks or finally make time to reconnect with your hobbies.

You can also give up extra working hours because tiny house living doesn’t come very expensive.

You Can Be Innovative

What You Should Know About Tiny House Living

Living in a tiny house requires you to think of ways to maximize every available space inside your home.

You’ll be surprised at how many different ways your furniture can function all at the same time.

Certainly, it’s one of the things that makes tiny living more fun and exciting.

You’ll Understand the Value of Things

Living in a tiny house essentially involves getting rid of a lot of your possessions.

On the plus side, it will enable you to reevaluate the worth of things; does it really matter to you?

It will help guide you in becoming more mindful of what you buy and bring into your home.

That is, you learn to value and care for all of these things. You will realize how important they are to bring with you.

You won’t have to haul all of these unnecessary things. Those that will eventually end up in a dusty place where you’ll never need them again.

Moreover, it teaches you to be more financially savvy, and you won’t feel burdened by all of your excessive possessions.

Better Relationships With Your Family or Partner

What You Should Know About Tiny House Living

Living in a small space has major benefits, which include having a stronger and more intimate connection with your family or partner.

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Because there isn’t much room to be in a tiny house, this can work to your advantage.

You have more chances to communicate with each other in the house and resolve issues as soon as possible.

You wouldn’t want to be stuck inside a house with all that tension, right?

Of course, with all of these advantages come a slew of challenges and drawbacks.

Obviously, there would be a lack of space to host celebrations or parties, and it may be difficult to focus in a space where a lot of things are going on all at once.

But there are no such things as insurmountable problems. Challenges are a part of it, as is living in a grand house.

The important thing is to understand what will work for you and how you will manage to do things the right way.

I hope this article has sparked ideas for your future dream home and whether or not tiny living is right for you.

And if you already own one, let me take this opportunity to quote Zack and John: “Welcome to the Tiny House Nation!”

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