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Are you ready for the comeback of flip phones?

Are you ready for the comeback of flip phones?

New Flip Phone Models

Younger generations have proved that it is possible for trends from years or even decades ago to have a comeback. When this happens, a connection between people of all ages forms. Newer generations get to experience what life was like in the past. On the other hand, this type of occasion brings back nostalgia for older generations. You’ve seen the return of fashion and music trends – but are you ready for the ultimate comeback of flip phones?

Motorola Razr, one of the most popular flip phone model.

Before touchscreen smartphones, millennials were parading with Motorola Razr, Nokia Fold, or Samsung Galaxy Folder. Flip phones were so iconic before 2010 that you’d see them not only as a phone but also as a status symbol and a fashion statement. Commercials, TV shows, and movies also made sure to showcase them. We all know how satisfying and sassy it felt whenever you flip it after ending a call.

Earlier this year, the launch of OPPO Find N2 Flip created a stir among both Gen Zs and millennials. OPPO Philippines had a segment where models walked through a runway with the flip phone as their props and it was the ultimate throwback. Back then, celebrities used to do the same with bright pink flips. They even show it a lot on Barbie!

Flip phones are so iconic back then that even kids get to have their own Barbie flip phone toy that plays music when you press a key!

Its presence on TikTok videos, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts shows how content creators have been hyping its return. And there are definitely lots of reasons to!

Y2K Aesthetic and Nostalgia

Y2K aesthetic in technology

A quick search at Y2K aesthetic in the world of technology would show you bulky personal computers, a Game Boy gaming console, an iPod, and you’ve guessed it: flip phones. It’s truly giving us a glimpse of the old. Can you imagine that years ago, phones were mainly used for texting, calling, maybe a few simple games, and that’s it! No endless scrolling on social media. Not a lot of storage for complicated applications. Just a long battery life and friends and family to update. One of the reasons why it’s been the subject of conversations is definitely its nostalgia factor. We want to hear its light slap as it closes again. We wish to re-experience a better version of the old flip phone.

Easier and Clearer Selfies

Gen Zs love taking selfies. And I mean, they really do. For many, not a day would pass without a quick snap of their faces. Recently, they’ve even invented the Gen Z selfie that takes advantage of the .5 wide-angled rear camera instead of the front camera to take a wider and clearer shot. 

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Good news for selfie enthusiasts: newer flip phone models let you take better photos of yourself and your friends! For models like the Samsung Z Flip, you can take a selfie using the rear camera while it’s folded. You don’t have to open it because its small display would show you the result. 

Better Look, Better Features

Of course, just because it’s returning doesn’t mean that we’ll get exactly how it looked and how it functioned before. The comeback of flip phones introduces a better look and better features! This time, it combines the durability of flip phones, as well as the modernity of touch screens. You’ll be surprised how you wouldn’t even see its crease when you open it despite the hinge.

It celebrates the best of both worlds for sure – because you still get its compact design and dual screens, but now you have more memory, more storage, and more options. Also, who wouldn’t say no to an improved look?

The Y2K trend is definitely making waves, and the hype that flip phones are getting is certainly a proof of that. While nostalgia is a huge factor why lots of people are drawn to its comeback, the better features that newer models are introducing make them a valuable purchase not just for the trend, but also for functionality!

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