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H&M releases Colour Story giving sustainability to dyeing techniques

H&M releases Colour Story giving sustainability to dyeing techniques

H&M stays thrilled to announce the latest Innovation Stories collection, Color Story. Following the first drop Science Story, the second drop celebrates new, more sustainable methods of working with color. The clothing brand joined forces with innovators to create a selection of contemporary pieces. Colour Story uses cutting-edge dying techniques, such as biotechnology, plant-based pigments, and closed-loop systems.

H&M releases Colour Story giving sustainability to dyeing techniques

It does not only create unique and charming colors but has less impact on the environment. Carefully crafted earthy tones give the collection a soothing, inviting quality. Meanwhile, swathed styles and denim add a confident urban sensibility. These aim to bring awareness to the environmental impacts of the dyeing and printing process. The pieces will launch in selected stores and at from 15th of April.

The Colour Story Collection’s Key Pieces

Edgy yet bohemian, the Colour Story collection spotlights the undiscovered beauty of more sustainably produced colors. Key pieces include the digitally printed spaghetti-strap-waisted cropped shirt and drawstring skirt. Aside from that, the collection also shines a light on the plant-based dyed, languid, caped dress and poncho-style hoodie, comprised of more sustainably sourced fabrics. H&M also released a chestnut top and trouser co-ord. Colored with We aRe SpinDye®, it becomes a quick stand-out, too.

Silhouettes look both flowing and form-fitting. It allows the colors to wrap and envelop the wearer. Of course, accessories add a light grungy feel to any look. The hooped earrings came from recycled glass, with no added color pigments. Aside from that, the chunky-soled sandals came from Bloom™ (a flexible foam partly produced with algae biomass) in particular. A color palette of warm oranges, indigos, sage greens, and soft yellows permeate the collection and pull focus for organic, optimistic energy.

H&M offers a unique selection of pieces for customers to rent.

To keep their mission towards a circular fashion culture, H&M will offer a unique selection of pieces for customers to rent. Both Stockholm, Sweden, and Mitte, Berlin will have selected stores with rent-able collections. H&M’s Creative Advisor Ann-Sofie Johansson also said:

“We’re continually aiming to create elevated pieces with ground-breakingly more sustainable materials and processes. With this collection, our forward-thinking designs work together with revolutionary dye processes to make a positive change – be that lower water consumption or reformed manufacturing. This collection has a charming free spirit; our customers will no doubt love these contemporary pieces, but we hope they’re inspired by the empowering sustainable narrative, too.”

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H&M’s Concept Designer Ella Soccorsi also added:

“Working with such interesting innovators and their wonderful ideas has been an incredible journey. Colorifix, for example, is the first company to use a natural, biological process to produce and fix pigments onto textiles. They’re launching worldwide with this collection. We’re thrilled that despite its state-of-the-art manufacture, the collection feels effortlessly modern and fresh.”

Which ones do you like the most from H&M’s Colour Story Collection?

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