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My Top 5 Favorite Vlogs from Underrated YouTuber Nisa Nuggets

My Top 5 Favorite Vlogs from Underrated YouTuber Nisa Nuggets

In April 2018, Nisa Nuggets launched her YouTube channel by posting her first video.

Now, with more than 300 thousand subscribers, Nisa has flourished in her YouTube career and has recently opened her online shop, Early Evening Club.

But I couldn’t understand why her channel is not as big as it deserves. Her vlogs are so entertaining because of the way she delivers herself in front of the camera. Armed with wit and charm, she also has a way of making the most random and mundane things more interesting for her viewers.

Also, Nisa exudes best friend vibes. Her vlogs show that she is the type of friend that you always want to be around with. Hangouts are boring without her presence. That’s why her videos are so easy to watch because Nisa will make you feel like you’re her friend, even through the barriers of your gadget screen.

It’s about time that I raved about my favourite underrated YouTuber. I rounded up five of my best-loved vlogs from Nisa Nuggets.

1. First Shopee haul vlog

Of course, I had to start with Nisa’s first-ever vlog. It’s the first Shopee haul I ever watched on YouTube, and it sparked my interest in her channel.

Her comedic punchlines and sass are the perfect combination for this vlog. Plus, the products she showed in this haul are soooo affordable. We stan a tipid queen!

2. 1000-peso baon vlog

In this video, I got to see how she interacts with her friends. She also shared her everyday lifestyle and budget habits.

As a struggling student with limited baon, I immensely relate to Nisa’s kuripot moments regarding expenses. But like her, I never say no to spending on food.

3. ‘Facts About Me’ vlog

Nisa shares more about herself in this vlog. I got to see how she knows what her likes and preferences are.

Although most of the facts are somewhat random, she is a whole vibe in this video. Nisa has a lot to say and share with the world, and I’m here for that!

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4. Trip to Baguio vlog(s)

Okay, so there are three videos, but I considered it one because all of the videos are about her Baguio trip. She is a natural in travel vlogging that it made me decide to spend my upcoming summer vacation in (yes, you guessed it right) Baguio.

Sana all nag-Baguio as a friend!

5. Early Evening Club vlog

Nisa and her special friend, Shy, recently launched their brand Early Evening Club. She shared with the world her beginnings as a small business owner.

This vlog is inspiring for me because she really is out there hustling and getting that dough. Hopefully, her brand will take off and offers more products aside from tote bags.

Whatever fame or fortune Nisa Nuggets experiences now is well-deserved because she puts a lot of care and effort into making her videos. I wish that more people would discover her channel and get to shower her with more love and appreciation.

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