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Lessons I Wish I Knew Before Reaching the Age of 21

Lessons I Wish I Knew Before Reaching the Age of 21

In my 21 years of existence, I already encountered manifold obstacles and lessons in life. Consequently, I cannot deny the fact I am who I am today because of these experiences. And honestly, I am truly grateful for that.

However, now, I realize that most of the lessons I’ve learned are from mistakes that I have made in the past. Looking back, I also learned these lessons from the rough way. Therefore, here I am, asking myself a question: What could have happened if I got to learn these lessons beforehand? Can I literally prevent some occurrences from happening?

Furthermore, the lessons I got along the way have taught me a variety of things. And I think some of them are worth sharing in the hopes that they can help someone too. 

Therefore, let me share with you the six things that I wish I knew earlier in my life:

1. You should not try to change people–because you can’t. 

As someone who has a lot of friends, I often find myself as an advice-giver. Most of my friends run toward me to seek advice and lessons. However, most of them just listen to all the advice. Thus, they do not apply it to themselves. 

Therefore, I think this lesson is very crucial for all of us. Now, I learned that only someone’s own will to change can cause them to develop and grow. And instead of pushing them to change, we just need to concentrate on setting an example. After all, we cannot control them. For that reason, I urge you to just cultivate a positive and encouraging atmosphere while not attempting to change anyone. 

2. Being vulnerable is an act of bravery. 

Throughout the years, society has told us that being true and honest about our personal feelings is a sign of weakness. And nowadays, people still carry these pointless norms. However, it’s just a baseless thought that we hold onto ourselves. 

I learned that being open about personal struggles shows how courageous people are. Being able to speak up about your trauma is a sign of how brave you are. Additionally, facing people with all of your wounds is the true test of courage. After all, we all have wounds in our life–and we are human because of that. 

Nothing beats the light of truth. Even the darkest past can be lightened up through the illumination of sincerity and veracity. Thus, vulnerability is powerful.

3. You only should compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

Some people may view that competition became part of our life. These competitions force us to reach our fullest potential and boundaries. Thus, making us perform fully in this game called life. Consequently, this competition shows us our strengths and weaknesses. 

However, I also discovered that competition can bring out the worst in people. Therefore, I urge you to avoid competing with other people. Additionally, always remember that your path in life is not the same as the quest of others. Instead, I encourage you to continuously bring out the best of you to reach the outstanding version of yourself. 

4. A yes is impossible if you never ask. 

I wasted a lot of opportunities because I was shy. I hesitated to take the opportunities because the fear got over me. And I do not want you to miss out on opportunities just like I did. 

Therefore, remember to always shoot your shot. If you don’t ask, you won’t get it. So, just try and try. Moreover, you have nothing to lose and achieve if you do not try. 

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5. Seize the moment.

Life is far too short. Therefore, never take a moment for granted. Consequently, we can make the most of the opportunities life presents to us by seizing the moments. Moreover, life has so much to offer. We can find happiness, love, and adventure as we enjoy our life to its fullest every single day. 

Now is the right for you to tell people about your true feelings. Do not hide your honest feelings anymore. Additionally, I know you care for them. Therefore, I urge you to show it. 

Seizing the moment in the present gives me the happiness I always thought that I would achieve in the future. 

6. See the world as how the child sees it.

You might see the world differently once you turn into your twenties (20s). Maybe you will see it as the place where you need to do your utmost in order to live. On the other hand, one can forget the wonders of the world because of the norms associated with adulthood. 

Despite our age, we should never forget that life is amazing and thrilling. Furthermore, a child will always view the world as wonderful and majestic. And I urge you to also look at the world like that. Despite the hardship in life, I hope you will never lose sight of how beautiful life is. Therefore, embrace the wonder and take things slowly. 

We are still young and we can still change our old habits. Additionally, we can still change for the better. I just want you all to remember that our life does not stop with our mistakes and unfortunate experiences. Therefore, do not hide just because of those mishaps. 

We learn lessons in our everyday lives. Moreover, we also face obstacles and challenges every day. And for me, this makes us stronger and able to push through in life. Furthermore, I see it more as a sign that we are growing and developing. 

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