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Underrated: The sultry jazz voice of Lana Del Rey

Underrated: The sultry jazz voice of Lana Del Rey

We are surrounded by talented artists, singers, and songwriters, but I love to single out Lana Del Rey. Her voice’s haunting beauty, melancholic lyrics, and vintage aesthetics are truly plausible. Lana taps into my love of indie and alternative music because it consistently connects to a particular kind of sadness. Her noticeable emotion is in every music with her deep sultry jazz voice, and sickly sweet little girl voice made me extremely obsessed.

With Lana Del Rey’s unique music, you can find love in just every other song of hers. This might explain her cluster of popularity in Eastern Europe, where she is well-loved. Her Summertime Sadness has been very popular lately, but prepare to be hypnotized with these five personal picks of mine.

Old Money- Lana Del Rey

Lana made the song sound so nostalgic, giving that 60s vibe. It combines her voice, strings, and piano gliding slowly. It highlights the longing for a love that transcends the material world, the need to find love and connection. Many people could relate to this because it is about longing for something or someone that will make them feel alive again.

The Greatest

It’s like returning to the line’s memory, and Lana greatly delivers. The song reflects ts carefreeness and excitement, where days are more easygoing than the present. It particularly made me reminisce about how life was fun and enjoyable without bearing any responsibilities. This music makes someone miss a particular era in their life and spend it with people with who they had fun the most.

Love Song

‘Love song’ is a classic Lana, nailing the feeling of being hopelessly in love as the world crumbles. This song talks about partnership: how we get excited over new relationships, the getting-to-know stage wherein we feel too in love, and how we are willing to embrace their flaws. It is hopeful for the relationship to last for a lifetime.

Happiness is a butterfly

Lana made this song just beyond everyone’s grasp. The slow, soft rock gives fleeting happiness. However, the song is about having issues in the relationship. Where one is suffering from an inconsistent and womanizing partner. It is about having a fair share of trials in the world of romance, yet she chooses to stay because the good days outweigh the bad days.

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How to disappear- Lana Del Rey

‘How to Disappear’ has this pretty melodies arch over the jangle. This song is about individuals’ ability to vanish from others’ lives and how we can meet different people in different phases of our lives. And as much as we try to keep the bond with the ones we share intimacy with, they are meant to leave and be no longer present in our lives.

Lana Del Rey has been in the music industry for over a decade. There is no doubt why she has commercially successful projects and a thriving career. Her aesthetically pleasing sound took sadness and vulnerability, making them sound sexy and mainstream. She made a notable shift in the pop landscape and will continue moving everyone. That’s for sure!

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