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Billie Eilish: Her Top 5 songs that heal my inner traumas

Billie Eilish: Her Top 5 songs that heal my inner traumas

Billie Eilish, the American singer-songwriter who has been through a lot, we all have been through highs and lows. At a young age, from her story and traumatic experiences, she could write beautiful pieces of art. I can’t stop being addicted to her music because it is relatable. When some days are easier, while others will be much harder, I plug in my headphones and drown into my playlist.

Billie’s craft has always been this deeper meaning than what it sounds like. I love her music because it allows me to feel the pain without shame. It is like having a companion who allows you to soak in it, process my emotions, and reflect on my feelings. It reminds me of not running away from the pain. I could recommend most of Billie Eilish’s music, but my favorites are here.

Billie Eilish- My Future

It is nice to think about what the future holds for you. This song is about finally breaking the old habits that one used to have. It is finally a sign of getting into the adulting stage and being responsible enough upon realizing that all the decisions will affect my life in the future.

Halley’s Comet

This sweet and romantic song about falling in love expresses what the heart wants. This music highlights how one should learn from past experiences in love. It is about setting firm boundaries and moving forward from disrespect. It is trying to avoid making another mistake. This song is top-tier; it makes me both scared and happy remembering the feeling of falling in love. Having a breakthrough, meeting that once-in-a-lifetime person likes Halley’s comet, which passes by rarely, crossing paths by chance encounters and how intense feelings could be.

Ocean Eyes

This song makes me look back to the toxic relationships I had before. I easily give in to my partner because I am enraptured in his love. The song reflects youthfulness, impulsiveness, and immaturity. I am willing to do things for my partner; saying no is not an option to continuously please him even when my feelings are disregarded, which later became a cause for concern in my mental and physical health.

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Wish you were gay

As high schoolers, we all have that one crush we had head over heels. Mine lasted for four years; the funny thing is that I only see him once a year. I wasn’t expecting anything from him, but when I confessed my feelings for him for the sake of moving on, he clearly did not reciprocate the same feelings that I had. Somehow, like Billie, I kinda wish that he was gay to make the rejection less harsh instead of the fact that he rejected me because I am not just his type.

Billie Eilish- Ilomilo

It is a song about the fear of separation. I always feared losing a beautiful bond with someone special, which I wanted to be in the coming years. It is the fear of seeing a stranger in my partner’s eyes, where once I saw a soulmate. But things like this happen; it is always bound to happen, and we must accept the outcome.

Billie Elish’s creation is providing me warmth and solace. It gives me thoughts of contemplating: that life is complicated, but it is vast and complicated. The traumatic experiences we have been through will heal someday. We can take our time. Her music is a reminder that we are going to be okay. We are going to move on and find love again.

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