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Twenty One Pilots songs that helped me get through my bad days

Twenty One Pilots songs that helped me get through my bad days

Twenty One Pilots has graced us with a ton of tracks that we can sing along to during our happy days. Their successful tracks from albums coming from different eras prove how timeless their music is.

Because timeless has its perks, the long list of songs TØP has to offer can be an anthem for any mood. Particularly, when you are down on the d. That being said, here are a few tracks that personally helped me through my bad days, I hope they can do the same thing for you too!

The run and go

This song’s most compelling lyric is “You’ll have to watch me struggle from several rooms away, but tonight I need you to stay.” there’s something about singing this line on and on that makes it so comforting.

I for one had no one to sing these words to, but what stayed while I was struggling was this melody. I am here because this song was there for me.


Truce is probably TØP’s most popular song with its lyric. “The sun will rise and we will try again.” being a popular quote all over the internet.

In addition to that very profound reminder that a new day allows us to embark on a new journey. The line “Stay alive for me” is what gets me every time. I never heard it as something Tyler Joseph was saying to me directly. Instead, I envision myself in the future singing these lines to my struggling present self.


Lovely is simply a feel-good song that I play on my not-so-ggss days. This song is a beautiful reminder of one’s beauty, both physical and non-corporeal traits. It can indeed make you believe that you are lovely.


This one track by Twenty One Pilots is something I connect with deeply. I for one think that this is a song about someone whom we once loved. They can either be dead or good as one. Either way the line “I want to know you, I want to see, I want to say hello.” acknowledges the existence of the said person.

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I want to know you (But I won’t anymore) I want to see (what great things you will become) I want to say hello (just a simple hello and nothing more.)

Guns for hands

Guns for hands by Twenty One Pilots is a great track that talks about fighting one’s battles instead of running away from them. This song has helped a lot of troubled folks get through their darkest days, and that is the single most beautiful thing this song has done.

It’s a nice thought that other people have found shelter in these songs much like how I did. I hope with this list, you’ll do too.

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