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Top 5 Saddest How I Met Your Mother Moments

Top 5 Saddest How I Met Your Mother Moments

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) is such a feel-good television series. Although the show capped off way back in 2014, it still never fails to make avid re-watchers like me laugh out loud. Whether it’s one of Barney’s lame catchphrases, Ted’s funny yet profound view on romance, or any of the lovable characters’ antics. HIMYM is such a comfort TV show for when you want to just have a good time.

But it’s not always ducky ties and G Mcenna on ice in this show. There are of course serious moments when we get to see how deep these characters really are behind their funny persona.

Here is my take for the top 5 saddest HIMYM moments for all its nine seasons.

#5 Trilogy Time

On the 7th season of HIMYM, the boys of the gang made a pact to watch the Star Wars trilogy once every three years. They all pictured their three years from now future self each time they do this movie marathon. And while some of the things they envision didn’t make it into their present real lives, things are shaping up well and good for them.

All except Ted. Their latest trilogy time made him realize how his life is going nowhere, and it’s nothing like how he dreamed it to be. We then see Ted’s lonely version of his then hopeful three years from now vision. The scene was framed as a comedic bit, but it’s actually quite depressing. It showed how hopeless Ted got over the years, and how his self-worth was practically reduced to nothing as he pictures himself bumming and balding.

#4 She was never alone

This next one is a happy kind of tear-jerking scene, but it made me cry nonetheless. Robin just found out that she cannot have kids, and she kept it to herself. Refusing to celebrate Christmas, and spending the cold evening alone with her imaginary children, this following scene is simply cathartic.

Although Ted had no clue at the time what his friend was going through. He went way above and beyond just to cheer her up. That stuck out to me because deep down, everyone wants a friend like Ted. The one who will never allow you to feel alone.

#3 Robots vs. Wrestlers

It was a simple birthday celebration at their favorite booth. Ted was so happy that all his friends are there to cherish his special day, despite their busy lives. The argument between Marshall and Robin added a fun and light theme to the episode. It was all good and fun until Barney asked Ted to look around. “You’re all alone.”

#2 You’re just a lame suburban dad

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Barney Just found out that his half-brother, who he was in a one-sided pissing contest with, was named after his father. The sight of Barney breaking down as he fumbles to get “his” basketball hoop is simply heartbreaking. Especially when he did ask his father the big why, and all Jerry could give was a washed-up apology.

The scene made me cry for days, and I’m pretty sure a lot of HIMYM fans with daddy issues did too.

#1 You know the thing I’d do first

This imaginary scene from Ted’s sad birthday night just gets sadder the more I rewatch it. Ted’s desperation and mourning are so evident in this scene. It almost clued the viewers in about how the show will end. The extra 45 days is a brutally compelling speech. One of Ted’s best monologues in the entire series, in my opinion.

What HIMYM moment made you bawl your eyes out? And don’t tell me that it was when Ted got left at the altar, because Stella is wack!

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