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Things I Learned from Owning Dogs

Things I Learned from Owning Dogs

Nothing beats the happiness of waking up to the smiling faces of faithful companions. The love that our dogs give us is unmatched. We share the same roof and life; indeed, a part of our families. But they are a lot more than that.

Here are the lessons about what owning dogs has taught me:

Dog increases our responsibility

One of the most important lessons my dogs taught me is responsibility. The routine of waking up early each day to fill their tummies with their first food of the day, giving their following meals on time, the hygiene, the exercise, and giving them the affection they deserve made me realize, as a fur parent, the value of obligations and consistency.

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They teach us compassion

Being a full-time fur parent demands me to take care of and always look after them. I learned to be more tenderhearted and protective of the people close to my heart the same way I treat my fur babies. 

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Dogs provide us with emotional support

The emotional connection I have with my dogs is indescribable. In these times of physical disconnections, they ease my loneliness and reduce my stress and anxiety. Their calming presence is what I am looking for every day. 

However, they also need emotional support. That’s why, in exchange, I always make sure that they receive the same happiness they give me.

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A study further argued that dogs help owners manage their feelings and act as a strong diversion from having a mental health problem. Such a lovely pet!

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They give us a sense of purpose

We feel complete when we feel our lives have a purpose, right? The need to care for these awesome dogs offers me a sense of purpose. It drives me each day to what needs to be done as a full-time fur parent. They inspire me to work harder in school to fulfill my desire in spoiling and giving them all the treats in the world they deserve. 

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Who says our soulmate has to stand on two legs? Our perfect soulmates never have fewer than four feet! Even so, let’s not forget that owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. Don’t take these amazing creatures for granted.

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