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These fashion stylists will surely feed your fashion fantasies

These fashion stylists will surely feed your fashion fantasies


You must be wondering and are creasing your foreheads why are we featuring the fashion stylists again. It’s because it’s Labor Day and one of the most affected by this pandemic is the Fashion World.

Freelance jobs can be financially rewarding, but also risky. Since mass gatherings are prohibited, all the freelancers, including the fashion stylists jobs are hanging in the balance. Some have even aired their grievances since some agencies halted their fees. The best route to empathize is to recognize their amazing artistry, after all, Labor Day is supposed to be a celebration of hard work.

Mind you that it’s the third installment, but the most refreshing yet because they are the ones to watch out for. The world of fashion is a small world, but it’s full of talented people. These fashion gurus have been under the radar, but surely deserve to be in the spotlight. How can they not if they have to bring an entire closet in the workplace every single time?

They express their vision and creativity through the styling that they do. You’ll be amazed at how it simply comes to life after they dress up our most faved celebs. Mixing and matching is their forte, it’s like pieces of a puzzle coming together. Once they’ve done styling, a masterpiece comes out of it, the red carpet-worthy looks of our celebrities.

Once ECQ is lifted, we have to attend some functions again. This time you want to look Instagrammable so if you want to dress up à la Heart Evangelista in a runway, check out their IG accounts and keep them on your radar. We guarantee you that it will be worth air. Scroll further to see the Magic 18 Fashion Stylists to watch out for.

Ryuji Shiomitsu

For him, creatives are the new athletes. If you get to see him backstage with the stars, he’s pacing back and forth like running a marathon. He’s also the go-to guy of Maris Racal and Elisse Joson.

Instagram Account @ryujishiomitsu


Ica Villanueva

Ica is known for her edgy and fashion-forward styling. This has drawn her to a number of stars like Loisa Andalio, Boy Abunda, Yeng Constantino, and AC Bonifacio.

Instagram Account @icavillanueva

David Milan

David‘s philosophy is clean and refreshing. He can make all bachelors look dapper and has been the go-to stylist of Bench. It’s evident in his styling just like what we’ve seen in ⁣Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Labati’s wedding.

Instagram Account: @mrdavidmilan


Daryl Maat

If you want to hit two birds with one stone, hire this Designer/Fashion stylist. He surely knows how to get you on top since he can customize and style at the same time.


Mj Benitez

Street style and laid back are her trademarks and in a K-drama crazy country, this styling surely works.

Photo by Gerry Robinson | Instagram Account @mjbenitez

Eldzs Mejia

Eldzs creativity makes him a cut above the rest and that has become his ticket to the industry. He never fails to think out of the box and can be dubbed as a “Fashion Genius”.

Photo by BJ Pascual | Instagram Account @eldzsmejia


Chino Brownlee Aguilar

Chino is not afraid to take risks. He loves to push the boundaries to create the unexpected.

Instagram Account @chinobrownleeaguilar

Danae Vernisse Dipon

Danae is known for her effortless styling. She likes to keep it clean and fresh.

Instagram Account @danaevernisse

Van Mercado

Who says RTW won’t look fashionable. Van proves that putting things together can make you look effortlessly chic.

Instagram Account @vanmercado

John Paul Dizon

Star in a Million contestant turned fashion stylist, he became the go-to stylist of Bianca Umali, and it’s a match made in heaven.

Instagram Account @john_paul_dizon

Macky Combe

If you want an on-point, polished look, then he’s the right guy for you.

Instagram Account @mackycombe

Janno Novenario

If you’re an aspiring Beauty Queen then have him on your team as he’s known as the go-to stylist of the Queens.

Photo by Myio Okamoto | Instagram Account @jannostyles

Ash Aquino

If you want to feel like your faved celeb for a day, he’s the stylist for you.

Gian Carlo Laxamana

License Nurse turned fashion stylist, he’s the go-to guy of our most revered singers like Lani Misalucha, Jed Madela, and Jona.

Instagram Account @giancarlolaxamana

Drew Lacia

Less is more is Drew’s philosophy. He likes it classy and minimalist.

Instagram Account @drewlacia

Gee Jocson

Gee loves to keep it sleek, clean, and unfussy.

Instagram Account

Paris Roxas

If you want to look like a K-pop star and snatch an Oppa, then Paris is the stylist for you.

Photo by Claude Villahermosa | Instagram Account @parisroxas

Keith Angelo

Keith loves to bring out powerful statements with her styling that makes her muses rise above the rest.

Instagram Account @misskeithmanila


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