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The Umbrella Academy Season 3: A Fan Review

The Umbrella Academy Season 3: A Fan Review

DISCLAIMER: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! After two years of waiting, the Hargreeves are finally back. Well, back to their current timeline too. The Umbrella Academy dropped its third season on Netflix last June. Supporters have mixed emotions about the latest series which has ten episodes like the previous seasons. If you have not watched the show yet, might as well skip this review and come back later.

Sparrow Academy

The ending of season two gave us a huge cliffhanger as it teased a new set of superheroes called the Sparrow Academy. Fortunately, the first scene of the latest season picked up exactly where we left off. In 1960s Dallas, inside the Umbrella Academy (or Sparrow’s apparently).

The Sparrows, which include Ben as a real living breathing person, are uniquely skilled individuals. As expected, the Brellies are not welcomed by the new set of superheroes and another iconic dance-fight scene happened early in the first episode. After that, a series of negotiations, betrayal, and more fighting happened between the two sets of Reginald’s children.

Conflict after Conflict after Conflict

It is known that The Umbrella Academy is full of twists and turns that create many conflicts. Aside from each character’s personal problems, they also have faced huge challenges as a family. Don’t worry! They mainly are the cause of their own problems as usual. We got fond of this setup too.

Their first problem, obviously, is the Sparrow Academy replacing their role. Not to mention bad Ben on their opposite side. The Brellies barely made it out alive from the academy after their first encounter, thanks to Viktor. After that, Five discovered that they created a Kugelblitz or as he called it, “a kinky black hole” that sucks the universe even those beyond the concept of time.

They, later on, discovered that it was Adult Harlan, son of Vanya’s partner Sissy, who caused the Kugelblitz. Vanya also had to recover her powers from him and let him live normally. Well, that did not actually happen when Alison killed him after learning everything he did.

Lastly, Sir Reginald Hargreeves managed to lure his kids again into finishing the Project Oblivion mission. His kids meaning both academies or at least what’s left of them. This led to the restarting of the universe and timeline. Those are the major conflicts in a nutshell.

Vanya to Viktor

It is also worth mentioning the transition of Vanya to Viktor played by Elliot Paige. The actor himself came out to the public as a transman which affected his character Vanya.

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Nonetheless, The Umbrella Academy team handled everything well. After having a heart-to-heart talk with Alison and cutting his hair short, Vanya is now Viktor. His siblings took the event lightly and accepted him wholeheartedly.

It caused a great deal of happiness to see a representation of transgender on the big screen. A representation that does not need to be a big deal just as how straight people in a movie or series do not need to be represented.

“Power Ending”

The latest season ended with another huge cliffhanger. They all got back in their timeline after the restart. However, they possess no power at all. It could be good for them as they can start their lives over or they might miss the thrill of saving the world from apocalypse as the dysfunctional family they are.

For the fans, sit back and let us just hope for an earlier release and more episodes of the next season of The Umbrella Academy.

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