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The regret that comes with procrastinating and cramming

The regret that comes with procrastinating and cramming

In an earlier article, another writer from Village Pipol Magazine expressed the art of procrastination. Just like them, I am a serial procrastinator. However, for me, it’s not fun and I certainly don’t find the art in it. Ever since the pandemic began and we students started our online classes, procrastinating became a habit.

Usually, I get things done ahead of my deadlines, I’m organized with my schedule, and I can function smoothly and multitask. Thinking about those days made me question what changed in me.

Is distance learning a big factor or have I just become more lazy and unmotivated because once again, our batch caught into another major change? In this reflection, I’m not giving tips on how to avoid procrastinating, instead, I will share the consequences of it.

Procrastinating and cramming.

My procrastination often leads to cramming, they are an inseparable pair. When the pandemic happened and our university implemented online classes they gave us 2 choices. If we want to attend regular meetings online or if we want to self-study with a lesson module.

I chose the module, the reason that I can’t commit to the regular meetings is that I’m needed in our business. It was okay at first. I can still keep up with my classmates who take online classes. No procrastinating in sight, I also attend meetings when I have free time.

It started getting worse I think around the second semester of my third year. 3 weeks before the end of the semester when we got our modules, it was so late. I ended up cramming those subjects fueled by coffee and the desire to finish on time, and I did. I finish everything before the deadline that’s when I learned to cram so hard, procrastinating came after. When I found out I can do that it became my study habit, until now I just sacrifice my sleeping time for it to be effective.

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The regret that comes with procrastinating and cramming.

As said earlier, although procrastination and cramming are effective it’s never fun. I wish to unlearn it, however, I think it’s too late. I’m in my last semester now. I sleep 4 hours a day, help in the business during the day, and do my student responsibilities at night. Do I regret putting aside my student responsibilities for other things?

Yes, I know it should be my priority yet I get the urge to do other things around the house. Sometimes I wish I could handle these things in a more healthy way, or maybe I am just coping. Well as long as I graduate on time, I’ll continue the grind until then, however, don’t try this method you’ll gain weight.

Coffee and late night grind, cramming because of procrastinating that’s my life as a student.

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