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The process of boosting my self-confidence with a new hair color

The process of boosting my self-confidence with a new hair color

There are three permanent and semi-permanent things that help me boost my self-esteem, confidence, and sense of individuality. These include tattoos, piercings, and one of the easiest things to change — hair color. Since it’s my crowning glory, it positively impacts my self-confidence when it looks and feels its best. Personally, hair color plays a vital role in maintaining my self-confidence. I feel like it has to truly reflect who I am and my personality. But, the thing is, it’s always so hard for me to choose a hair color that looks good on my morena skin. 

The process of boosting my self-confidence with a new hair color

In 2019, I had the most outrageously pink hair, and my confidence, at the time, was through the roof. I loved it when people looked at me as if I was the baddest baddie in the area. But, the thing is, it wasn’t really dyed properly. And, it was obvious in the photo attached below. The pink looked nice at the top. However, there were parts that seemed more peach than pink. Although I felt really confident, there were still times that I would think about how people may or may not notice the patchiness. So, my confidence was a little wonky at times.


The pink faded and all I had was a brassy straw at the top of my head. It made my confidence dwindle and I hated it. So, I let it grow out and cut my hair all off. By 2021, I had a pixie cut that actually helped out my self-esteem. But, the thing is, I always had to dress up more feminine to juxtapose the masculineness of my hair. Although I liked it, I am kind of growing tired of having boring black hair.


By 2023, my hair is growing longer and I wanted something more unique. As of this writing, my hair barely reaches my shoulder. Sure, it looks healthy. But, it’s not really that unique. I wanted my hair to give off a sense of individuality. A lot of people already have this kind of hair and I wanted something different. So, I decided to have my hair colored.


2023 | Angela Baltan | Hair Status

But, I still don’t know what hair color looks good on my morena skin.

People who have fair skin can do a lot with their hair and get away with it. They look fantastic in every way. But, brown-skinned girlies have a hard time choosing due to, admittedly, comments that they may get from other people. I love my morena skin and I believe whatever color I choose would look good on me. But, still, I want an opinion from someone who knows best.

So, I decided to approach an expert.

Mark Anthony Rosales is the owner and Chief Creative Director at Marqed Salon. I told him that I personally believe that people use their hair as a canvas, marking their individuality and creativity. He has been in the industry for eight years and since we’re mutuals on social media, I asked him if he agrees with my sentiment.

Totally agree! Hair is as unique as the person wants it to be. It can be the best form of self-expression. I remember a quote from Coco Chanel, ‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’ Hair is very impactful to anyone. It sets the mood and boosts confidence. 

Of course, other than that, I asked him which colors look best on people with morena skin. He mentioned that every color looks good. But, of course, has his own preferences that may look the best.

I love ash tone, brown, and red. It compliments the skin tone. But, I also believe that a trend is just a trend. The most important thing is you are comfortable with the hair that you are wearing. Beauty is still within. 

So, I decided to schedule an appointment at their branch in BGC last Wednesday, February 15. There, we officially met and his team of experts took care of me while he went on to do a project that he has been working on for quite some time.

His team of experts checked my scalp with a device that they use—putting the nozzle on my hair and my scalp. Then, a tablet shows your condition. As for mine, on the other hand, they mentioned that my scalp (aside from the areas that had marks of dermatitis) looked particularly healthy. However, my hair has gone oily. So, that’s what I need to watch out for.

Sir Oliver, with the assistance of Miss Jane and other staff in the salon, took care of me the whole time I was there. I chose wine red for my hair because… why not? He mixed 5.56 light mahogany reddish brown dye and 6.66 dark true reddish blonde dye to make the hue lift out of my dark natural color.

Then, I sat there for half an hour. She even gave me a short back massage while we were waiting for the color to lift. Then, he started to dye my hair before going back twenty to thirty minutes later for the roots. After that, Miss Jane thoroughly shampooed and conditioned my hair before Sir Oliver dried it off and shaped the haircut accordingly to my face shape.

Aside from that, I also learned that lighter hair colors on people with thick hair can actually visually lessen the volume. It’s kind of like a cheat code for people with thick dark hair. So, he recommended that the next time I want my hair colored, I can go for a blonde-ish kind of look which, of course, excited me.

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To say that I think I feel and look good would be an understatement.

I feel cool with my new hair color. It’s like I’m in my rich villain era but not really because of its simplicity and subtlety. Then, the shorter length also gave me a sense of individuality. Remembering that I didn’t really know about taking care of my hair. I also asked Mark about how people should take care of their dyed hair.

Let’s start with the basic use of purple shampoo and conditioner, use cold water only, and heat protectant can help to prevent fading. 

My self-confidence doesn’t totally depend on my hair color. But, it surely did its job of skyrocketing it. At first, I was afraid that I might not like what I would look like after this session. But, I really really really really loved it. Aside from that, Mark also gave a few tips for those who want to dye their hair but are too afraid to do so.

Never do the DIY! Your hair is safe with a hair expert. At Marqed Salon, before we color your hair, we will use a hair scanner to check if your hair is ready for a hair coloring technique. We want to make sure that the formula will match your current hair status. Remember, we care for you and your hair.

I have no qualms about my new hair color. After I went out of the salon, I went to Starbucks near the area to get some coffee and a flatbread. I felt so beautiful walking down the street with my hair bouncing and the color beaming. Even as I ride a car back home, I felt my confidence lift like no other as I filmed an Instagram Reel without a care that the driver may or may not judge me.

I hope feeling good about myself and my hair color extends the guarantee of my self-confidence. I completely recommend Marqed Salon to anyone who wants to boost their self-confidence. If you want to know more about Marqed Salon, you can check out their Facebook here. They have a branch in Greenhills, Muntinlupa, and recently just had a soft opening for their branch in BGC. You, too, can #GetMarqed.

So, what are you waiting for? Pamper yourself and boost your own self-confidence even if it’s just a tiny bit!

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