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The dark side of Gen Z humor

The dark side of Gen Z humor

Humor is a staple way to escape the serious and harsh realities of our world, especially these days. We often joke around about our friends and the things we observe every day. And, most of the time, they all just seem harmless. However, for me, jokes only are harmless with the right audience, timing, and most important subjects.

As for us Filipinos, we love to joke around, particularly young people, Generation Z. One can see it on social media through memes, videos, vlogs, and TikTok videos. Various young people make them laugh for a while amidst the pandemic and economic crisis.

However, no matter how much we laugh and enjoy jokes, we still need to set boundaries and be sensitive.

Unfortunately, that is where some Gen Z still fails despite their notoriety for being woke or progressive.

Sexual objectification humor

Personally, this makes me uncomfortable and always I feel sick to my stomach. I value humanity. This is why I can relate to my batchmates who feel strongly against sexual abuse and harassment. This is why I strongly condemn the sexual objectification of people regardless of sex. Men, women, and LGBTQ+ have dignity regardless of how we view sexuality and relationships.

However, I find it strange that even among the most progressive people, they still joke about objectifying people. I notice this among young people objectifying men. You’ll find them fighting against harassment then proceed to comment obscene expressions towards men they admire. I also notice these among relatively conservative men towards ladies they admire online.

Folks, it’s 2022 already. It is good to admire people for who they are but please keep your zippers up. People are more than sexual fantasies. We are everything beautiful despite flaws, deserving respect at the very least.

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Jokes on religious belief

Religious freedom is a basic right of every individual. Each has the right to practice and express their religious belief or the lack thereof. Millennials and Gen Z are the most irreligious generations yet. To me it’s fine. However, I notice something very worrisome.

More often, I notice young people joking about religion. How they joke about religious matters crosses the line. To the unbeliever, it may sound trivial, but to the adherents, it matters a lot. And that feeling is valid too. And if Gen Z’s these days are truly progressive, they must know that.

On a dark and edgy humor

There are people hurting and there are things people value more than how you do. And to not get into trouble, you must respect those. What most people are going through ain’t no joke.

Young people, I appreciate your wit and endurance. And I know, humor is a big part of it. Your slander videos, memes, and captions, it’s hilarious. However, know your limits. Ideas are unlimited, but boundaries aren’t.

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