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Teamwork moments with your friends at school

Teamwork moments with your friends at school

There were times when you and your friends got into trouble at school. There were also some arguments that lasted for weeks. However, you have to admit that even though you’ve all had problems, you had some pretty good memories with your friends. They were one of the best parts about coming to class. School life was difficult but it was nice to know that you’re surviving everyday with them. Teamwork at its finest, isn’t that right?

Teamwork in formation

Every class has gone through at least one performance where they dance on stage. You and your friends are scattered among your classmates but everyone is in formation. You look at each other from your positions and share a laugh or a teasing remark. It’s been a long day and you’ve been practicing the choreography for weeks. You just don’t want to hear that song anymore. 

But then at breaks, you and your friends gravitate towards one another. You practice together, seriously and jokingly. When d-day finally comes, you fuss over one another to make sure that nothing is forgotten. You make sure that everyone looks their best. There’s teamwork to be found in your shared nerves.

Reviewing together

Have you had that moment where you and your friends are huddled together in one corner, nervous for entirely different reasons? It’s time for a long quiz or maybe it’s your midterms or finals. Teamwork is at its full capacity. We have our reviewers out, quizzing each other. Frantic with the little time we have, we recite the wrong answers with confidence. That sets off laughter and some stressed noises. 

It’s a hectic moment. We have friends who say to themselves they’ve already accepted their fate. There are those who are still muttering the terms and its definitions. The professor is already saying, “Get one and pass.” You have that one friend who turns in their seat, asking what year this scientist made their groundbreaking discovery. 

Afterwards, our struggles are just shared over a completely deserved meal with our friends. 

Completing requirements

Another stressful activity is to run around campus, trying to submit your requirements as quickly as possible. Don’t forget those friends who arrive just a little later than the agreed time. “On the way” is surely a popular message. 

You have to go to different professors and photocopy a million forms. To be efficient, you split up and communicate through chat messages. It also seems like the day isn’t complete if there aren’t some requirements forgotten or missing just when you’re nearing the end. It’s frustrating for the whole group, isn’t it? But hey, you’re not alone. 

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Because every single one of you just wants to get it done, you push through. Teamwork is at an all-time high and at the end of the day, all of you are drained and spacing out.

The ultimate teamwork

It seems like the final boss is your thesis or research. 

You are looking at months of collecting, researching, constructing, editing, and revising. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows if you’re in a group with your friends. It won’t be that easy because when has any thesis been easy? 

You all stay up late and complain about some of the parts you have to write. Data gathering is a whole other test of determination and patience. If you’re interviewing people, it’s a mess of nerves over the wifi connection and the possibility of not saying the right thing. The same goes for the actual defense which is even more nerve-wracking.  But you’re friends, right? You always have each other’s backs. 

We might not miss the struggles we’ve had at school but there are some things we will never forget. Having those moments with our friends are important to us. It reminds us that amidst the stressful situations, you and your friends will be there for one another. After all, isn’t that what teamwork is all about?

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