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Taho is a top-tier morning snack

Taho is a top-tier morning snack

Taho is one of the popular Filipino snacks made from tofu, sweet syrup which is “arnibal” and sago. This snack is usually sold outside by street vendors every morning, most especially if it’s still hot. That’s why taho is indeed a favorite breakfast considered by most Filipinos.

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Here are some reasons why taho is a top-tier morning snack:

Basically, taho isn’t just a typical snack by many, but also a healthy snack for all. It’s soy is a good protein source which is essential for repairing our body tissues. Thus, it keeps us feeling full and energetic every morning. 

Just like in Baguio, their special strawberry taho is considered their best go-to breakfast snack. To some, taho is their after-exercise treat after a long morning walk. Imagine sipping your sweet and hot taho while feeling the cold breeze of the wind of Baguio. Plus very calming surroundings. So, perfect indeed! 

It also is a low-fat snack which is why it is very friendly for individuals maintaining a healthy weight. Taho helps us to boost and energize ourselves before starting our day. This supports the fact that children really love having taho early in the morning. 

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Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

Well, maybe all of us experienced waiting outside our door waiting for a street vendor selling this snack. We always eagerly run out of bed whenever we hear someone shouting: “Tahoooooo!! Tahoooooo!!” This I guess is what makes this snack so unique yet so special. It had lived a very special place in our childhood hearts and even as we grow old.

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Taho is simply delicious! Many people love the sweet and creamy taste of silken tofu and the chewy texture of its sago. It’s a satisfying and enjoyable snack that can help start your day off positively.

So, if you haven’t tried getting taho as your breakfast, then this is a sign! I’ll probably be waiting for that: “Tahoooooo! Tahooooo!” and start my day just right.

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