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5 top movies to watch during pajama party

5 top movies to watch during pajama party

Living in Philippines makes us experience two (2) different seasons: dry and wet season. Today, we usually experience rainy season; to which coffee and movie time is such a perfect partner. In these very cold nights, watching movies is up!

Start calling your loved ones, prepare your snacks with you and choose the best movies of all times! It’s Pajama Time!

To enjoy your slumber party, here are some list of the exciting and most watched movies in BiliBili, Loklok, and Netflix.

Disclaimer: The list is purely based on my own point-of-view (POV).

Let’s start with a film that is perfect to watch with your kids, nieces, and even your younger siblings.

Graphics by Ronalyn Cedullo

1. Coco (2017)

An animated movie that introduces a talented boy, Miguel, who dreamed to be an outstanding musician like his idol. Despite his family’s generations-old ban in the music industry, he’s eager to show his talent with the help of Hector. As they stroll the Land of the Dead, they start to unlock the real story behind Coco’s family musical history.

Next in line is a heartbreaking and tear-jerker film. So, I highly suggest having a tissue by your side. Unlike Coco, this movie best suits audiences ranging the age of 18-25.

2. Five Feet Apart (2019)

This love story movie is about Stella and Will, both Cystic Fibrosis patient who undergoes a life of unending boundaries. With their uneasy condition, they must have at least a five (5) meter distance from each other. How are they going to handle their situation as their connection starts and continue to intensify?

Better be careful when committing to someone, that is what the film wants us to understand. But, how come if it’ll involve your family? If you are a fan of Sci-Fi Action movies, this one is perfect for you.

Graphics by Ronalyn Cedullo

3. What Happened to Monday? (2017)

A film where parents are obliged to follow one-child policy as a way not to over populate their community. However, conflicts started when these ‘septuplets’ who were named after the days of the week fight against the government. With their deepest secret, they try to find and investigate the disappearance of their sister, Monday.

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Sounds interesting right? Yet, we aren’t done here. Reminder to hold on tight as now, a lot of zombies attack the country of South Korea.

Graphics by Ronalyn Cedullo

4. Alive (2020)

The thrilling zombie movie was made because of a certain virus spreading all throughout Korea. As for this reason, Joon-woo decided to lock himself in his apartment. He started to have a hard time to survive not until he spot another survivor, Kim Yoo-bin. How are they going to survive? What are their plans as their hometown becomes a land of zombies?

Aaaah, that’s so creepy. It seems like an unending battle for them but, can you imagine yourself fighting with a natural disaster? Our last film for today will sooner awake your sleeping soul.

5. Geo-storm (2017)

It’s a movie how the world will be if humans are about to experience a voluminous number of natural disasters. After seeing a threat, the scientists immediately planned on creating an intricate network of satellites to control the global climate. Desperate to make everyone safe, their invention doesn’t go to what they planned. Their satellites began to attack the Earth, instead of protecting it. The question is “What are their immediate plans on solving it?”.

What a roller coaster ride of emotions! I hope you’ll enjoy the films listed above. Remember to always spend time with your loved ones, it’s a must. I assure you.

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