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OOTD Inspo: Rachelle Ruth and Her Love for Cargo Pants

OOTD Inspo: Rachelle Ruth and Her Love for Cargo Pants

When it comes to street style, cargo pants will always be on top. And lately, cargo pants are trendy as they can be paired with different clothing. Especially now that most people prefer streetwear as their style. Well, cuz it’s very easy and comfy. You can find clothes in this style everywhere. And you can easily find people that have this kind of style no matter where you look. Tiktoker and content creator Rachelle Ruth has the perfect street style and her love for cargo pants will inspire you to rock this amazing fit as well!

We compiled some of her outfits wearing cargo pants for you! Scroll away and get some outfit inspo from her!

Rachelle Ruth Cargo Pants

Outfit #1

Looking good in black! She’s wearing a black Diesel tube top pairing it with her black cargo pants, air Jordan for the shoes, a mini Diesel bag, and sunglasses. Those black cargo pants are a must-have!

Outfit #2

Cool in neutral colors. The color scheme of this outfit is so good! Wearing a sexy cream top with arm sleeves, khaki cargo pants, cream sneakers, and a cap, she does make the neutral color so cool!

Outfit #3

Killing it in brown. Okay, but the top and the gloves? It’s everything! She’s wearing a brown sleeveless crop top with matching gloves, very light brown cargo pants, a brown Yeezy foam runner, a mini bag, and sunglasses.

Outfit #4

Bodysuit superior! Styling bodysuits with cargo pants or any baggy pants is really dope. Rachelle Ruth nailed this look, as she flaunt her perfect curves in that brown bodysuit and brown cargo pants. She styles it with brown sunglasses and her Yeezy foam runner.

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Outfit #5

Graphic oversized t-shirts are one of the comfiest and coolest clothing ever! And Rachelle Ruth never misses her street style. A graphic oversized t-shirt, cargo pants, Air Jordan sneakers, and sunglasses scream coolness and streetwear.

Outfit #6

She got the drip! Wearing a black and white varsity jacket, black bralette, black cargo pants, Air Jordan sneakers, black cap, and mini bag, Rachelle Ruth is always on point! This whole outfit is everything!

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