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Sharp Philippines is the official co-presenter for the 2nd VP Choice Awards

Sharp Philippines is the official co-presenter for the 2nd VP Choice Awards

VP Choice Awards (VPCA) is the biggest gathering of 2020, an award-giving body giving recognition to the brightest stars in the showbiz industry, to the brands who excel in their field, and to deserving individuals who continue to show brilliance in their craft. 

Village Pipol Choice Awards 2020

Village Pipol Choice Awards (VPCA), the biggest gathering of stars and online personalities, is coming back this March 6, 2021. As the world faces the most challenging times of this new millennium, VPCA will carry on with its strong commitment to honoring excellence, relevance, and competence in various fields in this new normal world.

Sharp Philippines, one of the leading home technology innovators, is one of the official co-presenters for the 2nd VP Choice Awards. Last year, Sharp was hailed as the Home Appliance Brand of the Year, besting big names in the said industry.

In its 2nd year, VP Choice Awards will continue to highlight the finest in the Travel, Lifestyle, and Entertainment industries. This pandemic has pushed the world to think outside the box to provide effective options in the interest of public safety, thus this year’s edition will go fully digital.

Sharp’s PR & Marketing Manager, Ms. Amor Golifardo, expressed her excitement for this partnership.

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“I’m just really happy with this partnership with VP Choice Awards committee. I am excited to know this year’s winners and big congratulations to all the nominees.”

Village Pipol Choice awards will be determining the winners through a voting system of 25% from online votes, 25% from Facebook shares, 30% from the editorial team, and 20% from a panel of judges.

For more details, kindly follow VP Choice Awards official Facebook and Instagram page, or you might want to visit its website

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