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Samgyeopsal: Why is it a hype?

Samgyeopsal: Why is it a hype?

Korean culture has swiftly influenced the Filipino people in all possible ways. From their skin care products to their music, dramas, films, fashion styles, and even their food, everyone is embracing it with open arms. Every Korean influence that you can think of has become so popular and accepted here in the Philippines that varieties of Korean stores pop up rapidly on every street, not just across Metro Manila but also in different provinces.

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One example of their influence that everyone loves so deeply is the samgyeopsal. It is a popular Korean dish where the meat is either marinated or seasoned and cooked on a grill. It is mostly served with samgyeopsal sauce, side dishes, and lettuce. And here are the reasons why it is a hype here in the Philippines.

Korean Dramas that Feature Samyeopsal Scenes

As samgyeopsal became popular in the Philippines, many restaurants opened and offered this Korean dish. The reason why it has become so widely known here is because of the Korean dramas and films that feature samgyeopsal scenes, and a lot of Filipinos have grown interested in it.

Side Dishes

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Aside from the features, the side dishes of the samgyeopsal are appetizing on their own. It gives you a lot of options on how you want to eat it on your own. You can add either kimchi, small potatoes, seasoned spinach, radish, or cucumbers depending on the side dish list the restaurant is offering. This samgyeopsal wrapped in lettuce and dipped in any of its sauces like ssamjang, sesame oil, and wasabi and soy sauce completes the flavorful samgyeopsal.

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Korean Style Dining Experience

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The Korean-style dining experience is really marketable, specifically to Filipino millennials and the younger crowd. This samgyeopsal dining gives an opportunity for diners to engage in the kitchen. Diners are allowed to cook their own meat, choose their own samgyeopsal sauce, and samgyeopsal side dishes.

Eating samgyeopsal is truly a one-of-a-kind food experience that you can ever enjoy.

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