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Cafes in Virac Town

Cafes in Virac Town

The island of Catanduanes is famous for the abundance of its abaca productions. It is also known as the land of howling winds as typhoons annually visit the province. Despite that, it remains home to majestic and magnificent scenery. However, it is not only that. If ever you landed on the happy island, and you want to taste a slice of the city then you might want to try some cool coffee shops that will beautify your stay.

To-Go-To Place

Cafe De Au

Photo | Christine Janoras

Located at Imelda Boulevard, Virac is the home to the best classic Ala Nachos in town, Cafe de Au. Since 2012, it has served freshly home-roasted Arabica beans and deliciously unique dishes at affordable prices. The success of the coffee shop also embarks on a new mountainside farm cafe-inspired coffee shop. The coffee shop’s drinks are all priced under 125 pesos. They also serve various dishes such as rice meals, pasta, sandwiches, and many more.  

Apple Berry

Photo | Christine Janoras

Another coffee shop you might have found along the same highway is the Apple Berry. From dining indoors to dining outdoors, this cute shop is a well-lit Korean cafe-inspired interior design. For a food lover, you have so many options to choose from. From coffee, pastries, seafood, steak, chicken, and pasta dishes. This shop will provide what you are craving for. But ready your pockets as their price is a little expensive but it is surely worth it to experience the Korean-inspired cafe in town. 

Oyanna Milktea 

Photo | Christine Janoras

Craving for milk tea? Fret not, because Oyanna is here to save your day. This cafe serves affordable drinks and dishes at exceptional service. And the staffs are warm and welcoming too! And the most expensive dish in the house will only cost you 165 pesos. They offer coffee, milk tea, pastries, and sandwiches. 

Blue Cafe

Photo | Christine Janoras

This Manila setting-inspired cafe will give you the comfort food you deserve. Their hearty meal prices range from 165 – 285 pesos only. And their coffee is none other than 100 pesos only. 

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The cafe is located at Virac Town Center. 

Cafe Fredo’s 

Photo | Christine Janoras

Cafe Fredo’s is best known for its quality steak burger. Have a taste of coffee at this lovely cafe with a rustic and cozy ambiance and enjoy your meal to your heart’s content.

A trip to a new town would be incomplete without dining at the best restaurants or coffee shops in the area. Thus, finding a good place that will alleviate our exhaustion during our travel is the best way to end the day.

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