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Chic Poses That We Can Steal From Chie Filomeno

Chic Poses That We Can Steal From Chie Filomeno

Chie Filomeno always delivers polish looks for her 3.4 million Instagram followers. From her makeup down to the outfit, it is always on point. It doesn’t end with her chic style because what’s really extra is the way she poses in it. Such an eye candy!

The actress likes to show different poses that accentuate her beauty and beautiful physique. Seeing her photos just gives that confident vibe that I’m sure you too want to embody. In case you’d like to try some new poses for your next IG photos, here are some that you can steal from Chie which I’m sure you won’t regret trying.

Hands Up

They say that a high-angle shot can make you look short but not when done correctly. Take that April Boy’s “Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin” pose to the next level. Bring your hand a little over your head and make sure to angle that body to show off that curve.

On The Floor

Lampaso realness but make it elegant. Make sure to lift your upper body for you not to appear flat. Her face is angled directly to the camera which adds fierceness to the overall look. Not to mention, that hair is a total bombshell!

Side to Side

Your curves weren’t there for no reason. If you happen to be wearing high heels, use that opportunity to strike a pose in a sitting position. Slightly lifting your head and arms helps to emphasize your buttocks area. Act like you are brushing your hair for that dramatic effect. So sultry, right?

From Behind

Talikod pose is nothing new but we can still elevate it for sure. Try elaborating on some hand gestures to add more fun to the photo. That hand position reminds me of an unopened Barbie in a box. Real-life mannequin, indeed. Of course, arch your back to flaunt that curve.

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This is definitely not the right way to sit on a couch but why not for one photo? Channel your inner baddie with this laid-back pose that is totally sultry. Instead of kneeling on both your knees, extend one leg towards the camera to make it appear even longer. It’s all in the angle!

Posing on camera is all fun until you run out of ideas. May these photos from Chie inspire you to slay on your next photoshoot. We surely cannot wait to tap that heart button!

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