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Rising Popstar, JACK NEWSOME, keeps you company with his new song ‘ARMS’

Rising Popstar, JACK NEWSOME, keeps you company with his new song ‘ARMS’

The pandemic has caused us to feel helpless and anxious. To some, what has given us solace is hours of music streaming. Music can surely transport us and it’s something that we turn to when we feel so overwhelmed. One musician who has made waves most recently for trying to give us hope and capturing the reality around us is the American Rising Popstar, Jack Newsome. As per him, his brand of music is Pop, but is the one that ought to inspire.

Jack Newsome releases Arms
Photo Credit to 12Tone Music

At the start of 2021, he has made so much buzz with an impactful anthem,  “The Year The World Stood Still.” This song from 12Tone Music was about the realization that sometimes hitting pause is vital. Much more than a song of the moment, the track carries into the concept of what happens even after this is all over and life goes back to “normal”. It’s a much-needed assurance for everyone who feels that they’re stuck and alone.

Photo Credit to 12Tone Music

Now, Jack Newsome releases his new song, entitled “Arms”. This fresh, groove-inducing single can make you fall in love and makes you crave for a human touch. What’s the point of having arms if I can’t wrap ’em around you? This song depicts our pain of being isolated from this pandemic. “I want to give some comfort to a lot of people. Most are isolated and are going through tough times. I’d like to let them know that they are not alone“, Jack said.

Jack Newsome releases Arms and what is it all about?

‘Arms’ was the first song this 24-year-old rising pop star wrote. He’s cheerily gung-ho about it, but at the same time empathetic with the plight of all the people who are suffering due to the pandemic. Just like everyone else,  Jack spent a large part of the world’s pandemic figuring things out. “We’re living in really lonely times, so the lyric speaks for itself,” he said.

Jack Newsome releases Arms
Photo Credit to 12Tone Music

On the accompanying music video, he adds: “The concept of being alone worked out really well for the video to “Arms”; we didn’t need any actors or extras. My creative director Louis Browne is a genius and found this gorgeous movie set in the desert. The concept was super vague, which scared me at first. I like having everything planned to a T, but I think keeping it loose was the perfect move for the song and the vibe.”

Why should we support and listen to Jack Newsome?

Listening to Jack’s new track Arms can give you a major Eargasm. But what makes him so appealing is not only his laid-back aura. He can also give a sense of it’s-really-me reliability, which can make you draw to him even more. Plus, he creates music that delves into the nook and crannies of the reality of what’s going on around us. As he said it best, he wants to talk about our most harrowing sadness to our happiest moments. It’s poetic at best and we can only hope for more songs like this one.

Photo Credit to 12Tone Music

There’s a generation of talented young musicians who are poised to take the center stage in the arena of Music, one of those is Jack Newsome. With Michael Jackson, Prince, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears as his major influences, we’re assured that he will try to follow in their footsteps. As per him, his goal is to make music that speaks to different generations who can all understand the same sentiment. Soon we will all be following his ascent to global musical stardom. As for now, let’s all wallow in his fresh vibe and the genius of his musicality.

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