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Resilient: A Matter Of Coping For Filipinos

Resilient: A Matter Of Coping For Filipinos

They say Filipino resiliency can withstand any calamity. In a way, it’s true. However, if we analyze how Filipinos deal with these disasters, I think we just don’t have any choice. Resilient is a strong word. And, it’s always used to portray us.

Yes, we are resilient. We have withstood thousands of calamities that could and would ever hit us. Being in the Pacific Ring of Fire, it’s normal for us to be hit with a natural calamity. Geographically, we share the same fate with other countries located in it. So, we need to adapt to our environment.

Resilient: A Matter Of Coping

Professional adapters

We adapt in different ways, we adapt like a professional. Filipinos have the term Bayanihan. It means everyone in the community unites and cooperates for a cause. People help each other in times of calamity. We rely on each other in order to survive. It roots in our history of being colonized by other countries for even in that time, Bayanihan is visible. It gives us an illusion that no matter what hit us we will overcome it. However, even the strongest rock crumbles over time.

Currently, we are in the middle of a pandemic for almost two years, no one knows when it will end. We’re doing whatever we can to survive. Yet, it seems that we are in a loop. Things will calm down for a while and then the next, numbers of infected will surge again. As a student, I can’t help but feel lost, it’s like our batch tends to get strung up in such events.

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Resilient? I say we deserve better

The Philippines, for as long as I can remember is always like this. We get struck by a disaster and it will play out like always has. Confront every calamity that hit us with resiliency, we, the common people, are the victims. We take too much to the point we are breaking from the pressure of things we have no control over. Yes, we Filipinos are as resilient, and strong as can ever be. But, I think we deserve better. We deserve a better system, and a better life where we are safe and at peace.

I can’t help but envy the other countries. We are definitely left behind and it seems to be getting worse. In terms of technologies, machines even plans that could save us when a calamity hits us. Meanwhile, here in the Philippines we just hold tight and take it face on, we are resilient not because it is in our blood, but because we have no choice.

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