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“Kids? In This Economy?” Reasons why adults nowadays don’t want kids

“Kids? In This Economy?” Reasons why adults nowadays don’t want kids

Recently, more and more people have been vocal about their abstinence from having kids. In fact, the aforesaid preference is already being “normalized” due to the number of people adhering to it. This seems to be a huge change, especially after generations of raising kids and building families in the Filipino culture. However, the people nowadays who refuse to continue their bloodline apparently have good reasons for doing so.

Reasons why adults nowadays don’t want kids

Generational trauma

A major factor that contributes to their abstinence is the trauma that they got from their families. They don’t want to pass on the wounds that their relatives have inflicted on them to their kids-to-be. It is an altruistic ground, as it shows their selflessness in not wanting to make others suffer from their untreated pains. This is also a courageous decision as it indicates that the toxic generational cycle that they may have undergone growing up would no longer persist. The sweetest part is that it’s going to end in their own hands.

Economic and financial reasons

Our current economic state is already problematic as it is, with the inflation rate at an all-time high. Consequently, everything is becoming more expensive. It gets to the point that even if you’re living solo, it’s already difficult to sustain yourself – what more if you have another soul to feed? There’s also milk, diapers, tuition, and all the other needs of children on the list. And you’d have to do this for the rest of your life? Consider me out! Clearly, for a lot of people, they just do not see themselves cut out for that and we can definitely see why.

Biological reasons

Bearing a kid is no joke. The general pain of it, the discomfort when you sleep, and the constant hormonal changes are only a few of what you have to go through when you’re pregnant. In addition, there is also the pain brought by labor as well as giving birth itself. Not a lot of women can handle that so they’d rather say “thanks, but no thanks” to kids.


A lot of potential parents are actually looking at the bigger picture – we are already overpopulated. This problem exists worldwide. Because of that, they believe we don’t need any more kids in a world that has already exceeded the limit of what it should ideally bear. That’s a respectable decision.

Global crisis

The entire world is currently suffering from countless crises already – there is global warming, poverty, war, pandemic, and the like. Realistically speaking, we’re even inching closer and closer to an unlivable global climate due to global warming. Even for us, grown adults, these are already stressful as they are. So, potential parents believe that bringing an innocent kid into an environment like this could do more harm than good. Would they even want to live with a global state like this?

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A different view of family

Those who want to abstain from reproduction believe that establishing a family is not limited to having a kid. Even if you’re just with your partner, you can love each other like family. You can adopt a pet, call it your own, and cultivate a loving shelter for them and your partner. Both of you can give out love to your community just as much as you could give to your could-be child. You could do so much as a family without having to have a baby.


For lots, their minds are filled with so much ambition that it leaves no space for a child. They believe that having someone to take care of them can hamper their aim of flying high and being successful.

Not cut out to be parents

Some people just don’t see themselves fit for the role, and that’s respectable. They could be an aunt, a nephew, or plainly a relative, but having to raise someone for the rest of your life just doesn’t sit well with them. They think that it’s a lot of work – raising them to be morally upright, inculcating values, and making sure they are healthy and well. These are only some of your responsibilities; heck, it does not even take up half the list! They just don’t trust themselves to be good parents, and that’s completely OK.

After all, parenthood is a tough, life-long commitment and we could totally see why many shake their heads at the thought of it. It’s not just for everyone. So, whether or not you want to raise a kid in the future is a decision completely up to you and your partner. Just make sure that you’d be able to stand by what you pick.

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