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Practice Social Media Detox Without Deactivating Your Accounts

Practice Social Media Detox Without Deactivating Your Accounts

Often, you hear people describe how refreshing it feels to do a social media detox. Truthfully, everyone needs to take a break from social media once in a while. However, at some point, you couldn’t. It has already become a massive part of our lives, making it difficult to simply wedge away from it. But, the thing is — social media detox has become a privilege for many. For some people, social media has become a source of income, information, and education. Thus, not everyone can abstain from social media. 

With that said, let’s hack it and make it your privilege by following these two social media detox techniques without totally deactivating your account:

Create your screen schedule and make sure to follow it. 

Checking the time spent on the settings of social media apps will help you create your screen schedule. There, you will see the typical time frame you usually have on your account and how long you spend on it. Once you’ve done that, you can also match it to your ideal schedule. That way, it will become easier for you to practice self-discipline for your social media detox. Just like in everything you do, you also have to remain patient with yourself in this one. It takes one step at a time to follow your screen schedule. 

Disconnect from internet friends who remain detrimental to your mental health. 

The unfollow, unfriend, block, and mute buttons exist for this reason. It can become your support system in social media detox. Personally, if you hate cutting ties, you will enjoy using the take a break feature. Conveniently, someone will never know that you have cut them out. Plus, you can choose whether or not you want them to see less of your post or you see less of their posts. 

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However, if you have someone who keeps on giving you a negative vibe, it would remain good that you talk to them first and work things out. But, if you can’t fix the situation with simple communication then, don’t hesitate to cut them out. Unfriend or block them if you have to. 

Prioritizing one’s self has become the main reason why we have these tips for social media detox. Create a space where your opinion and beliefs remain valid. That way, you have a safe place to rest calmly during your free time and not the other way around. 

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