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Philippines is top 9 among the countries with the worst traffic

Philippines is top 9 among the countries with the worst traffic


Many people assumed that the pandemic will bring changes to our congested streets in the metro. Sad to say, it seems that it did not improve our country’s traffic situation.

Photo from Joven Cagande from Philippine Star

Worst situation among ASEAN countries

As soon as the government lifted the stricter quarantine, vehicles began to fill the streets again. It’s like a busy normal workday and the COVID-19 crisis did not occur at all.


According to Numbeo’s 2020 traffic index, the traffic in the Philippines was ninth-worst in the world last year. In their assessment, the global statistics database company considered a lot of factors. This includes the following: time consumed in traffic, estimation of time consumption dissatisfaction, CO2 consumption estimation, and overall inefficiencies in the traffic system. They cover 81 countries in total then ranked them according to the cumulative score.

Photo by Jerome Ascano from TopGear

In the traffic index, the higher the score means the worse traffic congestion is in the area. Based on the report, our country got a score of 198.41. Again, this is the top 9 globally while the highest among our ASEAN neighbors.

Below is the list of the top 10 countries with the highest traffic index scores in Numbeo’s report.  The number on the right side is the index score per country.

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1 Nigeria – 308.03
2 Sri Lanka  -293.36
3 Kenya – 274.71
4 Bangladesh – 255.21
5 Egypt – 240.72
6 Iran – 220.43
7 Peru – 214.86
8 India – 207.52
9 Philippines  – 198.84
10 Colombia – 198.41

Among the 81 countries, Austria got the bottom rank. It simply means traffic is good in those parts.  How we wish that we can drive on roads like those. But in the meantime, we just have to make our travel time more productive and relaxing as much as possible.

Do you think Numbeo’s report is accurate? What’s your worst traffic experience here in our country?

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