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OPINION: People should stop hating on Liza Soberano for flagging the Tililing poster

OPINION: People should stop hating on Liza Soberano for flagging the Tililing poster

Just in case you didn’t know, Liza Soberano recently criticized the teaser poster for the upcoming movie Tililing. Starring Baron Geisler, Gina Pareño, Chad Kinis, Donnalyn Bartolome, Candy Pangilinan, and Yumi Lacsamana among others. The poster shows the six stars photographed with their tongues out, seemingly wearing white shirts that looked like straitjackets. The title itself translates to ‘someone who is not sane.’ Filipinos, on the other hand, will use it in a derogatory and derisive manner.

Liza Soberano flags Tililing poster

Liza Soberano called out the teaser poster, pointing out that it made a joke out of mental health.

“Really hoping that this movie will spread awareness and enlighten us on the struggles of dealing with mental health. But the poster? It’s a no for me. Mental health is NOT a joke. Stop the stigma.”

Advocating for more awareness, the actress has always been vocal when it comes to mental health. Although there were people supporting Liza’s concerns over the stigmatization of mental health, there are still people who take the situation seriously. Of course, this included the director Darryl Yap who seemed a little too childish with his reaction to the criticism.

People should stop hating on Liza Soberano for flagging the Tililing poster

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Philippines is in a mental health crisis. And, it shows. There is even research that says “Filipinos across the world have general reluctance and unfavorable attitude towards formal help-seeking despite high rates of psychological distress.” Aside from financial constraints and inaccessibility of services, Filipinos experience self and social stigma attached to mental disorders. Of course, this includes loss of face, a sense of shame, and adherence to Asian values of conformity to norms where mental illness remains unacceptable.

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And, I can attest to that. It’s hard to go to the doctor and finally get diagnosed due to financial issues and the stigma that surrounds it. When you admit to someone that you may have a mental health issue, a lot of them would ultimately and immediately label you as ‘insane’ or ‘crazy.’ That’s how it is in the Philippines and, to be honest, it’s so disappointing. Filipinos claim to be hospitable and yet, they turn people with mental health issues away. Filipinos claim to have camaraderie, and yet, they do this kind of shit – making fun of people who need help.

My take on the Tililing poster

The poster and title looked and sounded as if it was making fun of people with mental disorders. And, you know what? It’s going to make people think that it’s wrong to be sick, it’s wrong to ask for help, and it’s wrong to seek medical attention. The poster is so wrong in so many ways. People with mental health issues are not crazy, they’re sick and they need to be treated medically. Although Candy Pangilinan has a son with autism, I’m sure she wouldn’t involve herself in a movie that would mock persons with mental health disabilities.

But, since it remains under the direction of Darryl Yap, all I can say is: I have low expectations and I am sure to come back disappointed. I don’t even know why producers would let the director create this kind of movie. It makes people with mental health issues look like a laughingstock. It’s already hard to put yourself out there and have a doctor diagnose you. People with mental health issues don’t need other people to put them down with these kind of things. They need encouragement and support, not insult and mockery.


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