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My Amanda, is it the Filipino rom-com movie of the century?

My Amanda, is it the Filipino rom-com movie of the century?

The answer is a resounding, swear-to-the-heavens YES, FUFFY! My Amanda is a film that revolves around two mega-best friends, Fuffy and Fream. Aside from that, this also tells the story of how their friendship always remains constant despite the changes in their lives.

Julio Ledesma Maria, Assunta Ledesma, Alessandra de Rossi, Piolo Pascual, Bb. Joyce Bernal and Erickson Raymundo produced the film. The film will be globally launched on July 15, 2021, via Netflix. 

My Amanda is a romantic-comedy film directed and written by Alessandra de Rossi, who also stars in the movie herself together with Piolo Pascual. 

Fuffy is played by the ever-handsome Piolo Pascualand Alessandra de Rossi takes on the role of Fream, Fuffy’s high-spirited best friend. When asked about the experience of being both the director and the lead actress of her play, she has funny anecdotes to tell: 

“Sometimes, while I was directing, I did not have the luxury, the privilege not to see myself really on screen and acting because that’s impossible. Minsan makikita ko ay pangit pala yung shot, nakataas buhok ko ganon…I’ll only see it during the preview. ‘Oh my God, ang pangit! Should I repeat that or what?'” 

She admitted that it felt physically draining at times. But, everything was worth it for her. During the duration of filming, Alessandra even admitted that she got hospitalized a few times. However, for Alessandra, My Amanda became a “labor of her love.” She considers the film as her baby.

Honestly, having the movie launched on a global scale by Netlfix really says a lot about how great it’s going to be! 

During the Netflix Press Conference for My Amanda, we asked Papa P and Alessandra how they internalized the characters of Fuffy and Fream. Piolo says,

“I didn’t have to think about anything because when she [Alessandra] asked me, I just need you to be yourself, ‘just come as you are.’ Then I’m good. I don’t have to think about anything, how to act, this and that, how to be this character because we were just actually being ourselves.” 

Upon seeing him and Alessandra in person, I couldn’t agree with his statements more. Their dynamic as real-life friends makes their acting look so natural on My Amanda. 

“We just seem natural because we were being ourselves, but we stuck to the script.” 

When Alessandra received a question about her character, she said that it felt easy for her to embody Fuffy. As the writer, you create your character – their deepest thoughts, hopes, and dreams, their goals, their challenges, and their childhood. 

Alessandra knew all of Fuffy in her heart and soul simply because she IS Fuffy. After all, she based the characters of Fuffy and Fream on her and her real-life best friend, TJ. 

“Okay, this story is very personal to me because it’s about my friendships, literally. My guy best friend’s name is TJ, and he’s [Piolo] PJ. I just used the real name and even how we call each other, Fuffy and Fream, but of course, the story has nothing to do with real life. I just used the dynamics of the friendship because I wanted to share a different kind of love story. It’s a friendship that’s intimate and not superficial, rare and sincere.”

The story tackles the friendship between a guy, TJ, and a girl, Amanda. 

As Filipinos, we always have an expectation of opposite-sex friendships turning into romance. However, Alessandra wanted to prove that friendships and love can exist without sexual tension. 

“I have the closest friendships with men…I call them boys, not men, and they treat me like a guy. It’s something that I wanted to share with Filipinos also. A guy and a girl can be friends.”

Furthermore, she adds that she wants people to treasure friendships and appreciate them as they are.

“Just stop adding malice to everyone. Not everyone is there for sex or relationships.”

I also got the opportunity to ask Piolo if his character, Fuffy, was REALLY in love with Fream or if it was just a brotherly kind of love. His answer blew me away. 

“If you really have the purest of intentions, then it is possible. It is possible to not cross the line and just be there for each other. Just be there for that person that you value the most. Because no matter how many relationships I’ve had in this film, she was always there. 

No matter how loud she was, no matter how annoying she could get, she was always there. She was always there, and that’s what I needed. I didn’t want to talk. I just wanted to be with her. 

It made so much sense in the end because I just let nature take its course. Basically, I learned, I actually learned from this film. If I’m watching it, it’s like, “Yes, it is possible. It can be, it can happen,” and that’s what I learned. As long as there’s love, you can move mountains, and you go from there.” 

If that isn’t enough to make you swoon, I don’t know what will! All of the casts really have passion for My Amanda, and it is up to us viewers to keep that energy going! Personally, I have watched My Amanda twice already. It is THAT good. I know that upon its release, it will receive worldwide acclaim.

This is NOT your typical rom-com story. Alessandra brings a different take to the table, and she will leave your mind with questions at the end of the film. 

Despite My Amanda being her first-officially directed baby, I applaud her effort! The plot is entertaining and juicy enough to keep your eyes glued for the whole film. The lines are beautifully written, and you will lose yourself in the poetic delivery of Piolo Pascual.

There are moments in the film wherein you will truly forget that Fuffy and Fream are actors, and that’s the trademark of great direction and acting. I know Alessandra said she wanted to have a “barkadang di-nag aayos” look in the film, but I find the fresh-faced authenticity of her character to be beautiful. 

This is definitely going to stay on my favorite Pinoy movies list, and I know it will be yours too! To be honest, I think I can even write 1001 reasons WHY you should stream My Amanda on Netflix

However, instead of reading that, just watch the film and join the hype! 

Photo Credits: Netflix Philippines
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