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My Experiences as a Youth Servant

My Experiences as a Youth Servant

It all started on a lazy Sunday afternoon, an 8-year-old boy doesn’t want to take his afternoon nap. Full of energy and curiosity, he sought other things that he wanted to exert his energy to. Because he always attends the children’s mass schedule every Sunday, (sometimes alone, or sometimes with family), it got the attention of one of the youth servants there who invited him to attend their meeting.

At first, the boy was hesitant but eventually went along with his friends. That simple moment started his journey of serving and being a part of a ministry, (brotherhood really) that will become a big part of his life.

Being in the youth ministry for more than ten years, I have learned many things. Aside from the teachings of the Church, I felt that I grow and mature in the ministry. I have grown not only faith-wise but also, personally and people-wise. 

Time Management

In my many years of service, I am also a student. Amidst the hectic schedule of homework, exams, and projects, comes along practices, meetings, and planning. At a young age, I have to learn how to balance my time studying and serving, with time spent with friends and family. I have to weigh priorities and urgent concerns. I am also on call at church when needed. All that I can offer: are my wits, passion, time, and energy to the ministry.

On the other hand, I have not neglected my studies. I do my best to achieve high grades in my subjects. and I do my best too, to participate in school. I also joined other academic and non-academic organizations at school. All in all, I have learned how to balance my life.


Aside from managing time in getting the best of both worlds, serving in the ministry also taught me a few skills. most likely, I have learned how to handle an organization, run meetings, and plan the things needed for upcoming events. Also, I learned how to teach young people, adapt to sudden changes, and get along with different people. Not only that I have acquired skills in administration, but I have also discovered people skills.

But the journey is not smooth all of the time. Problems are inevitable. There may come a time when you’ll have to deal with unseen hurdles, a hiccup here and there. And along the way, you yourself will come up with solutions to those challenges. Coming back from a setback, you are now a changed person, and you now know better. That adds up to your character for the person you want to become.

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But you are not alone all the time. One of the good things about being part of an organization is that you have a company. There are some problems that you need to solve alone, and there are problems that need assistance from other members of your group. 

Time and Effort

I have offered my whole youth to serving in the Church. And I am grateful I did. It started out as being bored on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but God turned it into something fruitful. God really does move in mysterious ways. In times when I wanted to stop serving, every hard time, challenge, or uncertainty that come my way, God never failed to accompany me. He never failed to assist me. The prayers that have been said, even the silent ones, were answered. He knows His own. He knows who serves Him wholeheartedly and is always on his aid. He never forgets.

Realizing that, gave me the strength I needed to pursue being a youth servant in the ministry. At this point, I still continue to serve Him as I can. And I am starting to train the next generation of youth servants, so that they too, in their own ways, learn the things I’ve learned, and more. I hope too that they grow in the love of God that they found through serving Him.

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