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Things I’ve Learned This Year

Things I’ve Learned This Year

This year was a rollercoaster!

It was so much fun in the last week of November! Exhausted but appreciative of the lessons and experiences gained. And it’s only a month before 2022 ends. So I decided to write my year-end this last week of November, hoping the rest of December will be good.

This year I’ve learned the following:

  1. To establish borders even on those you like the most or are closest. You are your own best friend and lover who will never abandon you. Have faith in your abilities and process.
  1. Always maintain a high level (without expectations). Don’t settle for less or the bare minimum. Not only in romantic relationships but in all relationships (e.g., friends and family). My few friends and family are very supportive of whatever I do, including all my faults that I should correct, and they help me without any judgment. Then I will settle for the only person who can’t do that and will give up on me immediately without trying. Don’t be silly! They are capable of saying farewell to their mother. So thank you. I am in the right circle.
  1. There is always a kind person in your vicinity, regardless of how terrible you may feel. There is no such thing as an ideal person. However, I am aware, as are you, that there are folks who will not give up on you. There may be one or two. These are the people who will never desert you. Refrain from becoming stuck in blunders and faltering. They are the persons who have faith in us, and we must never allow them to be wary of us. They are supporting us, but we must first and foremost assist ourselves.
  1. Things are continually evolving in unexpected ways. We will be amazed. Some things cannot be located immediately, regardless of their proximity. 
  1. If our thoughts are ordered, everything will always be “acceptable and done correctly.” To execute a work, having a plan and being well-organized is not sufficient. Your thoughts or thinking about the tasks you need to perform should also be organized. Think carefully about your priorities.

These are the things I’ve learned and written this is also a reminder to myself to be a much better person not only as a New Year’s resolution but on a lifelong journey to go.

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