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Movie villains that have valid points

Movie villains that have valid points

Movie villains make movies better. They help the antagonists shine and keep the story more interesting. Most of them are downright evil but some make us wonder “maybe he has a point.”

Here are some movie villains who could be right.

Baron Zemo – Captain America: Civil War and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The only man who defeated the Avengers. Zemo is one of those villains you just can’t help but sympathize with. His family died after the Avengers made a mistake in creating Ultron that destroyed his homeland. His family paid the price for that mistake and yet the Avengers were still the heroes.

He believes that individuals with too much power can be corrupted and become supremacists. While people will just turn a blind eye to their mistakes since they still saved the world. This exactly happens to several heroes like Wanda and Ironman. Because of their actions, innocent civilians got hurt.

That’s why Zemo dedicated his life to avenging his family while also letting the people understand that heroes are not perfect, hence the Sokovia accords were created. This is to keep the enhanced individuals in check for the damage and casualties they could cause.

What’s great about Zemo is that he never desired to be powerful himself. He just wants to balance the scale. When he got his hands on the super soldier serum, he kept his principles. He destroyed it all and killed the producer.

He’s still a bad guy, innocent lives were hurt because of him, but at least he genuinely regrets his actions and was about to kill himself until Black Panther stopped him.

Magneto – X-men franchise

No doubt in mind that Magneto is a villain. He killed countless people and some of them are just following orders. However, Magneto’s beliefs do have valid points.

Magneto was a holocaust survivor. He witnessed how mankind will justify their immoral actions and will exterminate the things they do not understand. With this belief, he dedicates his life to helping and protecting his fellow mutants. Whatever means necessary.

His friend Professor X believes that mankind can co-exist with humans. But time and time again, Magneto’s suspicions are right. Humans will always see them as enemies or weapons of war.

Wilford – Snowpiercer

The film is about a post-apocalyptic frozen world where the last remaining people live in a never-stoping train. It depicts a literal caste system where the people at the tail of the train are starving in squalor while those in front live a comfortable life.

It’s hard to agree with a capitalist villain that let many people starve to death while some of them are in luxury. That’s why a revolution is inevitable to happen on this train. However, the situation in the film is different. It feels like any other option is the end of humanity.

Wilford has done terrible things like putting kids at risk and feeding cockroach bars to his people. But this was the only option to keep the train moving. He has to do this to keep humanity alive.

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