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Model-influencer Jearu Magbuhat is excited for what’s ahead in his career

Model-influencer Jearu Magbuhat is excited for what’s ahead in his career

Born and raised in the city of Batangas, Jearu Magbuhat has worn multiple hats already in the corporate world. He has spent the early years of his life building a career in the field of Engineering and Tourism before he entered the modelling industry.
Now under the management of Jess Juanito Soriano, co-managed by RED Models and Talents, Jearu is ecstatic for what’s in store for him in this new venture.

“Currently, I am eager in developing my skills in workshops and trainings that I’ve been undergoing because I believe that everyday holds a brand new lesson to learn so I can be stronger and offer myself better in the industry.”

And he is not just waiting on the bench, he is seizing opportunities. He is glad that he has the help of his RED family who is very welcoming and at the same time provides him a professional atmosphere, considering him as one of the assets of the agency.
When asked what more he is looking forward to in this journey, Jearu said that he is eager to start working.

“To hone and practice my talents and be connected with different brands, companies and people and work and learn from them.”

In this pandemic, the industry is constantly adapting. Jearu is a firm believer that everything is in the mindset.

“Yes, this is the phase where everything has become stagnant but this is also a good chance for artists to develop more on different aspects – physically, mentally – so that when things get better, artists can offer themselves more confidently and stronger.”

Already establishing an amount of following in his social media pages, it is no time that Jearu will soon attract attention, considering the many things he can bring to the table.

“I do hosting, ramp and print ad and commercial/viral ads modeling. I join pageants, can sing and dance.”

What can he say to encourage aspiring models? His advice is simple and straightforward.

“Make sure that this is something that you would do out of passion and love for the industry. If this will be your mindset, everyday will be a success story for you. Dream big and work hard.”


Producer | Josh Austria

Photographer | Jai Murcillo

Stylist | Jowie Namayan

Hair | Arthur Tolentino

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Shot in VP Studio

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