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Miss Glamour International 2021 candidates post statement on canceled coronation

Miss Glamour International 2021 candidates post statement on canceled coronation

Gianna Margarita Llanes, Philippines’ bet to represent the country in Miss Glamour International 2021 is finally out of Mexico. Not too long ago, Gianna expressed her thoughts on the ongoing issue on her Instagram Stories.

People in the pageant industry, supporters, media, family, relatives, and friends were waiting to know the story behind the cancellation of the coronation.

Before she departed from the Philippines, we bid her good luck in representing the country to the best of her ability.

The real story is soon to be revealed! What exactly happened in Mexico? Are the contestants safe?

Candidates’ official statement

Gianna posted on her Facebook account an official statement made by her and other official candidates.

In addition, she is safe and would like to relax before giving out her personal statement.

Gianna Margarita Official Statements
Photo: Gianna Margarita LlanesInstagram account

With the ongoing situation that she and the other candidates are facing, Gianna is handling the issue very well like a queen. We know that being in a moment where safety is at stake is a challenging one.

Moreover, she conquered whatever fears she was facing and will return home safely.

She also received a lot of supports online and prayed for her safety.
Her positive responses assured us that she is in good hands.

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Miss Glamour comments

Gianna had the opportunity to reply to one of the comments. She stated!

I am currently in LA, Ate Cat. Just taking some time to rest here.

We may have wanted to see how she will perform and see the Philippine sash across her chest. This time, there’s is nothing more important than making her safe and welcoming her home.

She is the true queen, someone who represents beauty and grace in the most challenging circumstances. Lastly, we are all excited to see you, Gianna. Keep safe and we shall see you soon!

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