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Metaverse Gaming App: Create and Sell Items on ZEPETO

Metaverse Gaming App: Create and Sell Items on ZEPETO

South Korean group Naver Z Corporation founded ZEPETO in 2018. In the ZEPETO application, you can experience the virtual world with your own avatar. You can also create and sell items to earn real money.

Metaverse Gaming App: Create and Sell Items on ZEPETO

ZEPETO is an application based in Korea, but with more than 200 countries around the globe, including China, Japan, and the United States, millions of people are living in the virtual world. With 3D avatars, you can interact with your ideal self and dream worlds.

Create items

You can earn money while achieving your dream of being a fashion designer in ZEPETO. The app includes a studio where users can create their own items such as clothes, accessories, and other facial features. On their website, the company provided a guide on how to create items using their templates and required graphic tools. 

Get paid for your items 

Aside from the guide, they also provided instructions for payment requests. You can see whether your uploaded content are selling well, and you can request a cash out of the earned ZEM from your sales, which you can keep track of.

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Create world 

You can also create a virtual world with the concepts that you love. An example would be a world like an amusement park or a futuristic place with technology. To get started with creating a world, you need to install templates and tools for developing an effective and attractive place. 

Get paid for your world

Similar to the guide for an item’s payment request, you can check the sales statistics of your 3D virtual world. The payment request period is between the 23rd and 27th days of each month.

Don’t let them say you’re wasting your time. Enjoy and earn at the same time!

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