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Monster Rancher DX, a classic makes a comeback on STEAM

Monster Rancher DX, a classic makes a comeback on STEAM

Monster Rancher DX is a remastered version of the classic PS1 game of the same title. The game has revamped graphics, a remastered soundtrack, and overhauled features that perfectly complement the game twenty years after its first release.

The game had an anime adaptation that aired in the early 2000s. Most titos and titas might still remember watching way back. They might have even played the game on their respective old consoles or played with their childhood friends.

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Monster Rancher DX, a classic makes a comeback on STEAM

Think about the classic game Tamagotchi wherein you have to feed and interact with your virtual pet. However, it is more competitive. In Monster Rancher DX, you need to train your monster constantly to increase its statistics, let it rest to recuperate, and then feed it. You also have to earn your keep as a trainer by constantly winning tournaments in-game to earn enough gold. There are also secrets in the game to explore. Especially, if you want to unlock more powerful breeds of monsters. For a more modern comparison, it’s technically AXIE on steroids.

Tournament Battles Everywhere

Competitions are fierce both locally and internationally. With a built-in tournament in the VS mode, players get to battle out with other players internationally using the random match feature. Free matches pit you with other players by inserting the name of the monster or the name of its trainer. TECMO even hosts a tournament every month or so with different restrictions and requirements for pro trainers out there. 

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Overall, Monster Rancher DX is one of those successful remasters and a must-have for retro gamers and enthusiasts alike. The game is available on iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC with minimum hardware requirement (yep, even potato can run this game). You can already purchase the game on STEAM for P649.95. 

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