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LoveYourself Inc. — In HIV/AIDS Awareness

LoveYourself Inc. — In HIV/AIDS Awareness

In the Philippines, discussions regarding sex, LGBTQ+, HIV/AIDS, STIs, and other aspects related are still taboo.

These issues, however, are happening in real life. HIV/AIDS has remained a serious problem since the 1980s and continues to this day.

Common Stigma Towards People With HIV/AIDS

LoveYourself Inc.

For years, people with these conditions were discriminated against and stigmatized as immoral.

Others have held the view that HIV/AIDS affects just a certain group of people, that they’ve caught the virus through gross misconduct.

And that those who are infected should not interact with others — should be avoided, and kept away.

These have been going on for decades, prompting communities and organizations to feel compelled to put an end to the social stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.

Of course, it all has to begin with proper sex education.

One which we’ve been deprived of ever since — which results in ignorance and these sex-related diseases.

The Essentiality of Organizations in HIV/AIDS Awareness

This is why organizations such as LoveYourself Inc. are essential campaigning tools for influencing and educating people about these subjects.

It’s important to create a safe space for everyone who is dealing with it now or in the future.

They need to get the support they need — probably something they aren’t getting at all outside of these communities and organizations.

So they won’t feel alone in their battles and think that they are some kind of rejects in this world.

About LoveYourself Inc.

LoveYourself is a volunteer-run organization in the Philippines that offers free HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, treatment, and life coaching.

Safe Spaces PH and PrEP Pilipinas are some of their projects.

Their objectives are:

In General:

  • To spread the message of the value of self-worth and the critical importance of loving oneself, especially among the youth and men who have sex with men (MSMs), through awareness, education, etc., about STI, HIV/AIDS, sexuality, and gender.


  • To solve the problem of low number of condom use that’s making them vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs);
  • To feel a sense of security in sexual health, whoever their partner is;
  • And to educate their audience about HIV/AIDS prevention through sex education, HIV/AIDS treatments, and also by offering free testing services.

LoveYourself Inc. has partnered with many brands.

They are also fully supported by well-known public figures.

LoveYourself Inc.

It allows them to reach a larger audience and help more people in need, as well as ordinary citizens, become more enlightened about HIV/AIDS.

It’s very important that we understand what these things really are and to dispel misleading discrimination.

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To understand their historical roots, how these diseases are transmitted, and how, contrary to popular belief, they cannot infect other people.

LoveYourself Inc. is about more than just preventing these conditions.

It’s about loving and caring for oneself, developing coping skills for one’s body, problems, and fears, and sharing these with others.

Why is HIV/AIDS Awareness so important?

People should be encouraged to respect and look beyond HIV/AIDS and their physical or mental struggles.

And to promote a positive perspective and outlook on life and humanity.

To conclude, every NGO like LoveYourself Inc. that advocates for HIV/AIDS awareness is pivotal.

It’s because everyone has the right to be free and comfortable in their own skin.

The right to explore their needs with whomever they choose (sexually, mentally, etc.).

And also, the right to access medical and educational services to ensure safety while doing the things they enjoy.

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