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Lorde at Prada SS 2023: Heralding a New Style Era?

Lorde at Prada SS 2023: Heralding a New Style Era?

From the enigmatic goth-kid to ethereal summer babe, and now heralding a regal chic fashion era. Could this be Lorde’s new phase of her style evolution as a popstar?

OG Grunge-goth club leader

Disciples (A defacto fanbase name) love her since 2013. Taking the stage by storm at the age of 16 delivering an alternative pop album at its finest. Pure Heroine ushered a progressive and new flavor of music in the industry that swiftly devised her cult and promising career. Moreover, Pure Heroine as we know, is synonymous to her aesthetic and style as grunge-goth kid. Her soft-spot for dark outfits and all black ensembles that complimented her curly and big waves hairstyle; undeniably sealed her signature aesthetic of her early career.

From the stage outfits, clad in all black and at times paired with white. You can certainly recognize it’s her style. Not to mention, her bizarre and odd dance moves (Classic Ella we adore) when she performs onstage. Right there, she utterly makes a statement of her persona as a bold, defiant and interesting young artist.

Lorde goes Sensual and Playful for Melodrama Era

After 3 years, she then released one of the most celebrated and much loved sophomore album. Melodrama revealed Lorde in a more sensual and playful style ready to dance the night out. This halted her penchant for black and dark colors instead, she donned bright and lighter colors. Sheers and tulles also sojourned in her wardrobe during this era. There were also shape-shifting and interesting silhouettes she often wore at her shows.

Furthermore, she was not afraid of going beyond her comfort zone. Floral motifs and just some right amount of bling and diamonds also dawned — all lush and romantic. From Marrine Serre to a couple of Maison Valentino couture, Lorde showcased her never-before-seen feminine approach to her style.

Solar Power and Lorde’s sun-kissed style

Alternatively, Lorde swaps her romantic and melancholic vibe for a anew Live, Laugh Love summer vibe. This translated as she released her third-studio album Solar Power. The album emanated warmth and raw feelings of joy in the best possible way. Along with Lorde’s and her style in this era. All summery and care-free.

One notable image from Solar Power is Lorde in Collina Strada two-piece yellow dress. Her fashion style in this era goes all out for the summer with no fret to show some skin. From sporting long dresses with midriff cutouts to satin and sheers — These are the best style for latter summer fever.

A Regal chic for new era?

Recently, Lorde stuns in an unprecedented chicest style of her. Leaving the paparazzi and the fans online in awe with her regal Prada look.

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Milan Fashion Week made everyone swooning again over the finest collections of Italian designers. Same case with the A-listers at the front-row seats. Curating their sartorial looks and captivating the streets of the fashion capitals or even beyond. This was the case for Lorde clad in a glimmering lurex dress with a pleated skirt. Radiating a subtle femme-fatale power through her gray overcoat, black sunnies, and powerful block heels.

Fans immediately gushed over this brand-new chic look of the artist on the internet. They all had a similar encounter with Lorde in this look — thinking twice if this is really her. It had the fans pondering about Lorde ushering a new Style era. Which, we aren’t sure about if she will be committing to this style until the post MFW.

Needless to say, refined and regal is an understatement for Lorde in this Prada look. She is killing the game when it comes to effortless-minimalist glamour and we’re here to see more of it!

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