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Local celebs’ Christmas family pics you should copy with your fam!

Local celebs’ Christmas family pics you should copy with your fam!

It is that time of the year when we finally have a chance to be with our loved ones. We reunite and celebrate with our family and friends. Spending holidays with our family is probably the best feeling of all time. It’s like having your most wonderful break from all the work that you’ve been doing.

There’s just something so peaceful and heartwarming feeling every time we spend our holidays with our loved ones. That’s why it’s a must to have a family pic with them every holiday season. Just like everybody else, celebs also share special moments with their family during the holidays. So, cop their photos and replicate them with your families!

Local celebs’ Christmas family pics you should copy with your fam!


The teen queen Kathryn Bernardo together with her family and lovely pets wears green for Christmas Eve. Green or evergreen is one of the traditional colors of Christmas. It represents the eternal life of Jesus Christ.

Additionally, the evergreen trees in the holiday season, especially in the winter season, remain the color green that is typically seen everywhere. And, this family photo of Kathryn Bernardo’s family in the color green look so perfect for Christmas. They match the full-of-life spirit of Christmas.


Erwan and Anne Curtis celebrate with their firstborn, sending out love from Finland. They spend their holiday in a snowy and chilly place like Finland. Their small family photo radiates a full of love and liveliness from the way they smile as brighter as the sun.


This kind of family picture is ideal when it’s framed. No matter if it’s not photographed in a studio. Marian Rivera-Dantes posted the perfect family picture from a holiday that can be displayed in your home. The family looks so composed, contented, and happy in this picture.


Spending Christmas with our loved ones can be the most comfortable feeling ever. Just like the Crawfords family, this picture of them wearing a red terno gingham sleepwear look so comfy and feels homey. They definitely had their cozy moments. That’s why if you don’t have any idea what you and your family will wear for Christmas, sleepwear might be the one! It’s super comfy! Perfect for the chilly vibe of Christmas


Ivana Alawi together with her family in all-white clothing posed for a Christmas family picture. This photo was photographed by BJ Pascual. Such a stunning family picture that should be framed and hung or displayed. They look so put together, and though they are not smiling widely, you’ll still feel the love and warmth of their family.

Which is your favorite Christmas photo to copy with you and your family? Let us know!

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