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Lip Product Recommendations You Can Use Everyday

Lip Product Recommendations You Can Use Everyday

Lip products: Ever Bilena Toast of New York, KJM Lip Tint Bittersweet Magenta, Daily Glow Watermelon, Revlon Rum Raisin

Finding the perfect lip product you can use daily is no easy feat. You have this question in your mind that asks whether to use a bold lip shade or opt for a naturally enhancing hue that complements your lips. In that case, let this article help you in choosing a product, or a hue that may suit you best for your everyday look.

Lip Product Recommendations You Can Use Everyday

Of course, let us put your budget into consideration since you’re going to invest in a beauty product that you’ll use every day. So, might as well pick one that’s going to work with your features.

Furthermore, opting for brown lipsticks, and natural red tints are ways to freshen up and complete your look. Starting with brown lipsticks, here are my recommendations:

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick, Toast of New York

Photo Courtesy of Combonation

This lip product is suitable for all occasions, even in your daily rampas to work, because we all wanted to look presentable, right? This has the right amount of orangey-muted brown shade. So, if you’re after a clean girl look, you can trust this matte lippie to color your lips without it being overwhelming to your look!

Moreover, this less than 200-peso shade is also available in different variants such as lip liners, liquid lipsticks, and lip and cheek rollers – all at an affordable price!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Rum Raisin

Photo Courtesy of eBay PH

I’ve seen this product all over TikTok and now I know why it deserves the hype. It glides smoothly on the lips, giving your lips a natural shine that is also suitable for an everyday look. However, this lip product may be a bit pricey since it’s from Revlon. Furthermore, it has proven its exceptional quality to countless satisfied users, affirming its value and price.

Careline Powder Matte Lip Tints, OMG and Bae

Photo Courtesy of Village Pipol

This is another TikTok-hyped product I understand why it skyrocketed on the Internet. It works like a lip tint because of its consistency and its roller applicator but finishes like matte lipstick because of its pigment. What’s more, is that it has ingredients that are pivotal in nourishing and hydrating the lip.

Furthermore, I suggest using the OMG variant for its rich brown tones, while the Bae shade showcases a delightful pink undertone, rendering it suitable for daily wear. It’s also cost-effective because of its price of PHP 180 and is also available in online markets.

KJM Lip and Cheek Tint, Bittersweet Magenta

Photo Courtesy of Lazada

If you desire to achieve a naturally flushed red lip look, then this holy grail product is tailor-made for you. It delicately imparts a hint of color to your lips, artfully mimicking the appearance of a natural lip.

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Tony Moly Delight, Red (#2)

Photo Courtesy of Beauty MNL

My college favorite! This is why I wanted to recommend this lip tint to you because I’ve already tested its quality, color, and lastingness. Priced at 150 pesos, this tint boasts a gel-like consistency, which users can easily apply using its wand applicator. This makes the product an ideal choice for individuals seeking a durable tint that keeps the lips moisturized without causing dryness.

Additionally, Tony Moly Delight offers three shades: #1 Cherry Pink, #2 Red, and #3 Orange Chacha. As a recommendation, I suggest trying the #2 Red variant, which beautifully complements my lips. It can also be used for gradient lips by putting a little amount on your inner lip part.

Daily Glow Lip Oil, Watermelon

Photo Courtesy of Shopee

This product can be your finishing touch to any of the lip products you’ve used initially. With a minty lip sensation and a touch of color, this is a #MustHave in your kikay kit!

Moreover, you can also use this product alone if you only want a subtle shine and color. But if you’re often pale, you can use lip tints underneath, then top it off using this.

To achieve a natural look, you can emphasize various focal points, including the lips, as you enhance your overall appearance. And investing in either cheap or expensive ones that proved their quality is one way to self-love.
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