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Iya advises parents on how to take care of children with Covid-19 as Primo and Alana show symptoms

Iya advises parents on how to take care of children with Covid-19 as Primo and Alana show symptoms

iya villania

Iya Villania urges fellow parents to be ready. The actress has revealed that Primo, her eldest son, and Alana, youngest, started showing COVID-19 symptoms.

Last Monday, January 10, Iya shared that she had tested positive for COVID-19. This news came a week after they announced that she is pregnant with her and Drew Arellano’s fourth child.

On her Instagram page today, January 14, Iya detailed this unfortunate situation while showing herself with Alana.

Before disclosing Primo and Alana’s condition, the TV show host revealed that her second child, Leon, had also caught the disease.

“And here she is, my poor baby girl who’s probably having the hardest time dealing with symptoms. Primo had a meltdown last night too. Kuya seemed like he had it all together until I noticed he wasn’t looking okay.”

Despite Primo and Alana are still struggling with COVID-19 symptoms, Iya noted that Leon is now back to his demeanor before he got sick.

“Not sure if that’s really it for him but so far since last night, he hasn’t had a [fever]. Hoping Leon is done with it for good (it’s day 3 for him today). I think Primo will be too soon because aside from his fever, his demeanor is good, and hopefully so will [Alana].”

The host stated that her children have so far experienced sneezing, vomiting, and fever. In addition, she shared that most of her family has caught the virus. This means that Iya and her children are no longer isolated from each other.

“Borders have now opened and everyone’s reunited. So now we can all help each other as the kids heal and recover. Just trying to stay positive as we try to find our way out of the woods.”

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On January 13, as seen on her Instagram page, Iya communicated with her fellow parents with regard to taking care of a child infected with COVID-19.

She advised them to prepare medicines, extra clothes, a nebulizer, necessary nebules, a cold or wet towel, thermometer, and oximeter, among others.

“You might not need it but you’re better to be prepared than trying to find all of that in the middle of the night. Get ready for battle.”

Arellano was in isolation with her over the past days, but he has since gone to the “clean” side of their home after he spent seven days in quarantine. 

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