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INSTAGRAM RAID: Dua Lipa and her ‘Levitating’ Instagram Photos

INSTAGRAM RAID: Dua Lipa and her ‘Levitating’ Instagram Photos

An international celebrity and a global sensation are what can be associated with the British singer and songwriter Dua Lipa. Her songs are on the playlist of most teenagers. You can hear them anywhere: on the bus, at malls, across streaming platforms, and even in random TikTok videos. Her songs are her platform and the world is her stage. She has numerous supporters across the globe.

Have you ever listened to Don’t Start Now, Physical, and the infamous Levitating? All those hits are from one of Dua’s albums. She won tons of awards. She has six Brit Awards, three Grammys, and two Guinness World Records to name a few. Still, Dua has a life outside music – and it can be witnessed through her extravagant Instagram photos.

INSTAGRAM RAID: Dua Lipa and her ‘Levitating’ Instagram Photos

Just some random Dua Lipa fits

You would not find any photo in Dua Lipa’s Instagram feed that does not scream perfection. All photos of her outfits are uniquely glamorous. From simple tops and jeans to bikini outfits, to elegant dresses, all sorts are in her feed. Since she is a former model, Dua knows how to pose and express herself in her photos. It is undeniable that she has a knack for fashion and styling.

The Life Of The Party

Dua has a lot of photos with her friends in her Gram. She is a people person and an ultimate party-goer. The singer has a lot of random videos of her partying, drinking, and having fun with other people. It can be seen from her photos that she is a happy and easy-to-be-with type of person. That is also one of the reasons why her fans adore her.

Aside from night parties and clubbing, Dua’s Instagram also has tons of beach and pool photos. She enjoys swimming, sunbathing, and taking time to relax with the people she loves. It is without a doubt that her sun-kissed pictures add shine to her feed.


From what can be seen in her account, Dua wears whatever she wants. She has no definite sense of style since she likes to play with her fits. If she feels like wearing a skirt, she will wear it. If she wants neon clothes, she will go full neon outfit. When she feels formal, she will wear a coat or a gown. She wears her mood and does not care what others will say.

Dua is vocal about sexism in the music industry. She has been using her platform to eradicate harassment and maltreatment toward women in the said industry. Especially at the beginning of her career, she felt like she needed to exert extra effort to earn a spot and she do not want other women to suffer that feeling. She experienced being called out because of her clothes, that is why when she wears an outfit, she wears it for no one but herself.

Dua’s Foundation

Dua also has a nonprofit foundation called Sunny Hill. From its IG bio, it focuses on helping Kosovan society in different aspects, especially in arts and culture. The singer promotes her foundation through her main account posts.

The IG handle of the SunnyHill can also be found in her bio.

Aside from that, Dua also founded a weekly lifestyle newsletter called Serrvice95. It is a “style, culture, and society concierge service created to help the reader make sense of the world.” It is a medium that talks about random things and events from the singer’s perspective.

Dua Lipa is one strong icon and a powerhouse in the music industry. Her Instagram posts are a combination of her lifestyle, personality, and advocacy. She deserves her 84 million Instagram followers. Indeed, she levitated Instagram as a platform to another level.

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