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I’m a neutral girl and I like pre-historic colors

I’m a neutral girl and I like pre-historic colors

In my almost 22 years of existence, I can say that I have lived a colorful life since starting when I was little, almost all of my clothes and toys are in bright colors. It may be a combination of pink, yellow, orange, violet and any other vibrant colors but as I age, I unexpectedly found myself being too drawn to neutral colors.

Neutral colors are hues that are devoid of color and apparently do not appear on the color wheel. Most of the examples of it are black, white, gray, brown and many more. For some, these colors may appear lighter, but honestly, these are ideal for home decor and everyday OOTD’s. As a matter of fact, the three outfits below will show you samples of an all-black, brown, and gray piece of clothings.

I’m a neutral girl and I like pre-historic colors

Beginning from moment I start to collect clothes, I know to myself that my wardrobe should consist a lot of neutral colors. It may sound too cliché but yes, I like pre-historic colors as for the reasons that it gives me the confidence that I need and it also compliments my skin.

Now, let us start.

Strong Chic Aura

Wearing an all-black fit may appear intimidating however, black typically portray a chic, fashion-forward color that is suitable for both male and female clothing outfits. In fact, wearing it is also an excellent way to project an image of a person who is independent and fearless in her surroundings.

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In addition to it, black is the most expensive color to wear at whatever occasion you plan to attend, according to how people describe it.

Comfortable and warmth feeling

Brown as people says is supposedly the least appealing color ever, but today, that statement will be disproved. As we can observe, an all-brown outfit suggests a natural, uncomplicated appearance. Aside from that, although it might give the wearer an impression of antiquity, it is rest assured that the color can also offer a brazen image, especially when mixed with other striking colors like black.

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Actually, when using brown as your main basis to create an outfit, it doesn’t only give you an earthy vibe but also a comfortable and warmth feeling since it reflects the nature.

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calm balanced aura.

A gray on gray fit never go out of style as people, especially teenagers always mark it as one of their favorite trend pair when it comes to styling clothes. The color may look simple at first glance but it is first-date ready since it is appealing and practical at the same time.

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Interestingly, since humans are into peace now, they also tend to use gray, in any of its shades because it keeps them balance and calm all throughout the day.

Above all, it is entirely within your rights to mix and match your own clothing. Yet, as a pre-historic color enthusiast, I must say that you’ll need it, maybe not now but soon. It is indeed true that these colors may initially appear drab. But, if you learn how to play and style them, I promise that it’ll liven up your daily OOTDs.

So now, what are you waiting for? Go get your wallet because yay, we’re going to shopping.

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