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Slip away from neutrals and try out these color combinations

Slip away from neutrals and try out these color combinations

New year, new wardrobe? We’ve been wearing a lot of whites, blacks, and neutrals. So, let’s take this new year as a way to try out these unique and trending color combinations for our next outfits. It doesn’t matter if our closet is packed with dresses, pants, skirts, shirts, or whatever else we have accumulated over the years. This is the time to put those pieces together to create a cute outfit that will make everyone you walk past absolutely stumped. 

Slip away from neutrals and try out these color combinations

pink + red

Pink and red are the signature color combination of Valentine’s Day. It’s the millions of cheesy cards, giant plush toys, and chocolate boxes. Although it is disliked by many, this is the time to give this color combination some justice. You don’t need to be bothered if you look like a walking Valentine’s Day advertisement. You look absolutely cute and approachable.

red + orange

Although orange and red could make you look like Velma, there are ways to make it look better. Pairing these two vibrantly-colored items together is a surefire way to turn somewhat okay staples into full statement-making looks. Going bold and bright continues to increase and popularity. And, pairing red with orange sparks some inspiration. 

orange + blue

Pairing two colors together doesn’t always have to be vibrant. It can be as muted as the color combinations below. As long as they’re in the same palette of hues, then it’s going to look great on you. Don’t be afraid to mix in a few blacks or whites as accessories. 

blue + green

These color combination, on the other hand, completely relies on the palette as well. The sage green works well with dark-washed denim and dark blue and gold accessories. Instead of grabbing your neutrals, it’s a sure way to make your looks more elevated.

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green + purple

Green and purple is the color combination that I love the most. Although I don’t have any kinds of clothing in these colors, just seeing them together makes me want to buy a few items and slip away from my go-to all-black outfits. The shades just pop so beautifully on any kinds of skin colors.

purple + pink

Purple and pink, on the other hand, is a color combination that evokes the 2000s popstar vibe. It’s sugary sweet but the hues definitely match each other, especially with its flirty and girlish charm. If you ever mix the two colors together, you have to take advantage of the y2k vibe. 

Which ones did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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